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As soon as the live broadcast ended, everyone unexpectedly burst with even greater excitement as they diverted their attention onto the forums to talk about Chu Xiang’s performance.

Tying up the clown, sabotaging the doors, blocking the cabinet, observing the special effects, playing tricks on the vampire, jumping over the sea of snakes, using the staff to tangle up the chains, and lastly, shooting down the key from the ceiling.

The haunted house experience that was supposed to be extremely terrifying was no longer so in the presence of Chu Xiang.

In fact, it ended up being a wonderful, unique experience, much like an action film.

Aside from Chu Xiang’s physical abilities, her high intelligence, attentiveness, poise, and other characteristics could be seen in action for the first time by the internet users.

A large number of people said that, if they hadn’t watched this episode about the haunted house, they would still see Chu Xiang as a pretty face without any other good qualities.

But now, they knew.

Even though Chu Xiang had never entered university, it didn’t mean that she was inferior to any other people.

Her problem-solving scenes were the crucial points that brought this week’s live broadcast to life.

Furthermore, her fluency in foreign languages gave everyone even more favorable impressions of her.

Only by working extremely hard and practicing often could she have become this fluent in foreign languages after dropping out of school.

Meanwhile, the official website for “Heaven Realm Sect” uploaded a two-minute teaser, showing the scene where Xuan Ruo fought against a dozen opponents all alone.

The caption attached with the teaser said the following: [Sister Xiang will never disappoint.]

With that, the large majority of bypassers no longer felt conflicted regarding Chu Xiang’s role in “Heaven Realm Sect.” Upon seeing this, the official website for “Target” posted a photo of Chu Xiang pressing down on the clown with the following caption: [Looking forward to Detective Xiang.]

“Palace of Abyss” immediately followed the trend as they uploaded screenshots of Chu Xiang pondering with an indifferent expression inside the haunted house.

Attached to them was the following caption: [Within the Palace of Abyss where one must scheme and fight against each other, Sister Xiang definitely has what it takes to survive.]

The directors of all three films had already witnessed Chu Xiang’s abilities with their own eyes.

Naturally, they no longer had any misgivings about her.

Everyone would definitely be shocked by Chu Xiang’s performance during the release of the film.

Her name shot up the top search query, and more people began seeing her news and her good qualities.

However, one couldn’t always expect only good responses.

Although there were indeed still idiots out there who disliked Chu Xiang, going as far as to attack her online with malicious words, the overwhelming majority of internet users were ordinary people who had favorable impressions of her.

How bad could someone praised by three different production crews possibly be She definitely deserved to be held in such high regard and expectation.

Truly a hidden treasure within the industry.

Chu Xiang had initially gone through the haunted house all by herself in order to help her friend out.

She never expected to receive so many benefits from doing so.

As a result of her actions, many people began seeing her in a new light and warming up to her personal charm.

This development served to be extremely important for her career.

While most of her official works had yet to be released to the public, this would undoubtedly give her another layer of protection, preventing any haters from easily slandering her reputation.

Any large-scale hate operations would not succeed before her official works were even released.

On that day, Zhou Ye gave an excuse to leave first, not wanting Chu Xiang to see how he was scared witless.

At that time, his appearance seemed more like a ghost than a ghost itself.

Without any time to spare, Chu Xiang immediately headed back to shoot her scenes in the films.

Allocating reasonable amounts of time for each of her shoots and getting approval from the two directors, everything went smoothly.

Having displayed a wonderful performance in the haunted house, Chu Xiang remained trending for quite a while.

Before long, “Heavenly Realm Sect” and “Ultra Rising Stars” had already begun airing.

Within the first few episodes of “Heavenly Realm Sect,” Chu Xiang’s character remained as that of an able and virtuous wife.

Not wearing any sort of cosmetics, she would wear a bright smile on her face every single day.

Gently taking care of her husband, she would often talk with him about the beautiful future ahead in their life.

Even when cultivators appeared, she would force them away ruthlessly, hoping only for a warm family.


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