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By the time the criminal had turned around and drawn out the staff, Chu Xiang had already climbed up.

Waving her hand, she beamed.

“Thanks for your hard work, see ya!”

Although the criminal had always been on standby in this location, it was still the first time he had come across a challenger.

Without even getting the chance to perform his role, Chu Xiang had already gotten away.

This dealt a heavy blow to him as he carelessly revealed an expression of someone who lost all hope and purpose in life.

All the viewers burst out laughing.

Arriving on the first floor, Chu Xiang could finally see the door to the exit and the light outside shining in from the windows.

Just as she walked up and tried to push it open, she realized that the door was locked.

Looking around, she noticed that the key was hanging down from the long stick of light attached to the ceiling.

But since the castle was three floors tall, the key was at the very least three meters away from her.

She remembered the staff from earlier.

However, it would definitely be troublesome to head back over and pick it back up.

Without any method of going up the floors, she began searching the area.

She found a box of matches, a plastic chair, and a slingshot.

Perhaps these items could be used to get the key.

After thinking for a moment, Chu Xiang came up with a simple plan.

Firstly, she would disassemble the box containing the matches and fold it into a square-shaped object.

Then, she would find the right angle before flinging the object straight up.

Spinning like a dart at top speed, it struck directly on the rope attached to the key and tore it apart.

Taking two steps forward, Chu Xiang caught the key in her hands before unlocking the door and walking out.

Dong Bohao and the production crew were already waiting for her at the exit.

The instant Chu Xiang walked out, the staff members of the haunted house shot fireworks up into the sky, blooming like a field of flowers.

The staff members whom Chu Xiang came across previously had all been released.

Still dressed in their terrifying costumes, they gave her a round of applause and congratulated her for being the first person in the whole world to defeat their haunted house.

Although the viewers were filled with great excitement, they could not help but be frightened by the staff members.

Chu Xiang really did avoid more than half of the jumpscares in the haunted house.

The clown who had the most interaction with Chu Xiang stepped forward and said with a smile, “I heard that your name is Xiang Xiang.

You’re absolutely amazing! The route you took was the shortest one, even shorter than the one we initially measured and recorded.


Seeing him, Chu Xiang opened her arms and gave him a hug, smiling.

“Thank you! Your castle was absolutely wonderful.

If I have enough time in the future, I will definitely come back and explore every single nook of this place.”

“That would be great! The castle will always welcome you back!”

Hearing the clown’s words, the viewers were completely astonished.

Even the production crew and Dong Bohao were rendered speechless.

After all, this result had never been discussed or planned beforehand.

Not only did Chu Xiang discover a shortcut all by herself, but she even broke the record initially set by the staff members of the haunted house.

This was no longer the case of whether she had the guts or not.

Rather, her intelligence, physical skills, mental fortitude, and various other abilities were far more impressive than any ordinary person.

All the staff members of the haunted house stepped forward to congratulate Chu Xiang and give her a hug.

The live broadcast had yet to end.

Still, one would not know whether to laugh or cry at this scene.

Even in broad daylight, these people were still quite frightening.

Especially when they began laughing, it was even more terrifying.

Dong Bohao stepped forward carefully and asked with a rigid smile, “Why don’t we all take a picture together To keep as a souvenir.”

“Of course.”

All the staff members were extremely enthusiastic as they looked towards the camera with scary expressions.

The cameraman of the production crew managed to capture a “perfect” shot.

Near the end, the staff members posed together with Chu Xiang for their own photo, saying they wanted to hang it somewhere in the castle.

That particular picture could very well be used as a prop to scare future challengers.

Taking a quick glance at the photo, it did certainly look like something from a post-credits scene.

After all, she was currently the only challenger who had successfully defeated the haunted house.

Up till this point, the broadcast had already been live for two whole hours.

In the final scene, the staff members revealed unusual smiles as they bid Chu Xiang farewell.

One after another, the viewers exclaimed that the staff members wanted to scare them till the end.


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