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[That’s right, Sister Xiang can definitely do it! I’ve realized that Chu Xiang is capable of doing all kinds of variety programs.

It was not a wrong idea to choose her as she gives us the opportunity to watch so many shows.

She might as well be an influential figure in the industry of variety programs who takes part in five or six programs in a year, hahaha!]

[Sister Xiang, you don’t need to shoot movies anymore.

Just play to your strength and stick to variety programs.

We’ll definitely support you to the end.]

Chu Xiang was going to arrive at the door going out of the basement very soon.

Suddenly hearing slight movement from above, she quickly dodged.

This time, the figure that dropped down was a vampire.

Failing to catch her the first time, it pounced towards her yet again.

With a pallid face lacking any signs of blood and an extremely fierce pair of eyes, this particular vampire — dressed in a black Tang suit — did not seem the least bit like the handsome or beautiful vampires often seen on TV.

On the contrary, it appeared like a monster that had been starving for blood for the past thousand years.

At this point, Chu Xiang was extremely focused on protecting the lit candle from getting extinguished as she wouldn’t be able to see anything without it.

Fortunately, the viewers would still be able to see everything clearly through the night vision lenses of the camera.

However, by turning on night vision, they would also be able to see all kinds of scary things around the area, which terrified them.

However, before the viewers started feeling any suspense, they watched as Chu Xiang dodged the vampire’s attempts.

Immediately after, she pulled onto his sleeves and got behind him before grabbing his other sleeve and tying them up.

With its hands restrained, the vampire no longer posed much of a threat.

Surely, it wouldn’t try to bite her, right As such, it could only keep struggling.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chu Xiang dashed towards the exit of the basement.

The moment she opened the door, the rays of light from outside beamed in and illuminated the darkness of the basement.

Looking back at the staff member for at least ten seconds, she chuckled.

“Bye~ Thanks for keeping me entertained.”

As usual, Chu Xiang closed and sabotaged the door behind her.

The moment she turned back around, she realized that the room was filled with snakes just like the Calamity of Snakes.

Glancing around the room, she noticed a few tables within.

Although the snakes on the ground definitely weren’t real, it would still be a difficult task to trudge through so many of them.

Taking a step back, Chu Xiang suddenly charged forth and jumped onto the nearest table steadily.

After jumping about the other tables, she finally caught a horizontal bar above and swung to the floor on the opposite end, getting past the territory of the snakes without a hitch.

All the viewers could tell that the tables and the horizontal bar were supposed to be used in such a fashion.

However, the crucial point was that not everyone could jump so far from one table to another, let alone grab onto the horizontal bar above.

Most people would have already fallen into the pool of snakes.

Who knew whether or not there might be other horrific things beneath those snakes Even then, no one had even made it this far into the challenge.

Watching Chu Xiang’s movements was just like watching some sort of spy movie.

How exciting!

After entering the dungeon, she noticed a well-built man shackled down with long chains within.

The scar striking past his eyes made him look extremely terrifying.

He was currently sitting down on the ground, eating something covered in blood.

It seemed like a dead rat.

However, utilizing her five sharp senses, Chu Xiang could tell that the food was actually just made using sausage.

Dumbfounded, she said, “You’re still able to eat it in such a state Is it good”

Twitching slightly, the criminal gradually lifted his head up and glared murderously at Chu Xiang before slowly standing up.

Rubbing her stomach, Chu Xiang felt somewhat hungry after doing so much exercise.

Of course, seeing the rat-shaped sausage, she still didn’t want to eat it.

Picking up a staff from the ground, she then bolted towards the criminal.

Everyone watching thought she was going in for a fight.

Even the criminal was startled as he immediately got into a defensive stance.

In the end, Chu Xiang only coiled the chains with the staff several times before running over to the ladder.

In response, the criminal immediately went chasing after her.

However, the once long chain had been restrained by the staff, preventing him from taking any more than two steps forward.


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