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After getting past the door, Chu Xiang arrived at yet another hallway with stairs going both up and down.

With it being extremely dark, no one was able to see very clearly what was in front.

She dashed up the stairs towards the floor above, ignoring all the human bones and dead rats hanging on the walls.

Arriving in the attic, Chu Xiang was faced with two different doors.

Naturally, she decided to do what she did before, opening the doors and taking quick glances inside.

If she didn’t see any exits, she would immediately close the door and sabotage the door handle.

For a moment, the viewers could see the scene within the room flash past through the narrow slit of the opened door.

Within the room, there was an old nun holding a candle and a man with bloodshot eyes carrying a sword on his back.

Before they even did anything, Chu Xiang had already locked them inside the room.

She wasn’t entirely helpless in the attic as she realized that the three paintings on the wall combined together to form a map.

Taking the paintings down and piecing them together, she took a quick look at them and memorized the map before hurrying back down the stairs.

The exit to the haunted house was on the first floor, but that meant that she would have to walk down the dark stairway and get through the basement before finding the exit somewhere within the dungeon.

Chu Xiang grabbed a candle from the wall and walked down the stairs, carefully protecting the single flickering flame.

The side of the first floor was completely inaccessible from the one near the entrance.

However, she would have to get down to the basement in order to locate the exit.

Without even exploring the first floor, she immediately began down towards the pitch-dark basement.

It was now obvious to her why nobody had finished the challenge before.

This place wasn’t just any haunted house, it was more like a horror film and a maze put together.

Had she not noticed the map, it would have taken her a long time to find the exit.

How could any normal person bear to endure all the terrifying things they’d have to come across by wandering about aimlessly In addition, there were even the various kinds of special effects and temperature changes tampering with the minds of the challengers.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was extremely easy for one to get lost.

It’s no wonder no one managed to get out from the exit.

Arriving at the first floor, the entire place had turned pitch-black.

Other than the light radiating from the candle in her hand, she wasn’t able to see anything further than an arm’s length away from her.

Having nourished her body with spiritual energy for such a long time, she now possessed sharp ears and keen eyes.

Relying on her hearing alone, she could tell that there wasn’t anyone in her current vicinity.

Suddenly, a droplet of water dripped down onto her hand.

Looking down, she noticed that it was green and slimy, similar to that of the saliva from the monsters she saw in movies.

In the next instant, something dropped down on top of her!

Chu Xiang nimbly dodged towards the side.

She then bent down with her candle and realized that it was some sort of mysterious larva.

Squirming about, the prop appeared to be rather well-made.

Bending down, she also noticed a zombie with only the upper part of its body remaining crawling towards her on the ground.

Immediately standing back up, she quickly continued moving forward according to the map she memorized.

Although she could not see anything, the map had already been imprinted in her mind, allowing her to keep going in the right direction one after another.

Never once did she deviate off the correct route.

Hidden in the darkness were countless jumpscares and scary objects lying in wait for the challengers who wandered down the wrong path.

But with Chu Xiang’s method, she skipped over 80% of the “good stuff.”

Watching the live broadcast outside, Dong Bohao patted himself on the chest.

“Thank goodness I’m not the one inside.

That place is far too terrifying.” He sighed.

“Thank god I didn’t go back in.

Otherwise, I would have definitely been a burden for Xiao Chu.

Why does it feel like she’s the host of this program while I’m a mere guest instead”

He then jokingly gave Chu Xiang a shout-out, “It seems that it’ll be interesting to have Chu Xiang on as a frequent guest.

Everyone, remember to check her out in [Ultra Rising Stars].

I will definitely watch it as I’m looking forward to her performance.”

[Since Brother Dong gave her a shout-out, I will definitely be watching her show.]

[Could some rich guy get Chu Xiang to shoot a live broadcast for an escape room She’s so smart! To think she actually saw past the secret hints with a quick glance of her eyes.

Furthermore, she has both the guts and the agility.

She’s even so calm in such a situation! Ahhhh, she has so many good points.

Someone, please get her to shoot a suspenseful broadcast!]


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