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Compared to when she had to accompany Dong Bohao, Chu Xiang acted completely differently going into the haunted house by herself.

She first ran back up to the innermost room on the second floor to untie the clown.

“Sorry about that.

I might have offended you just now.

Anyways, keep up what you’re doing as I’ll be taking my leave now.”

With that, she dashed out of the room and even closed the door behind her.

Crawling back out from beneath the table, the clown didn’t quite know how to react.

He could certainly go back out and group up with the other staff members to raise the intensity of the jumpscares.

However, Chu Xiang didn’t seem to be afraid of him whatsoever, so what could he even do even if he did go back out

Tidying up his outfit, the clown decided to do so nonetheless.

After all, he still had a few “small tricks” up his sleeves.

As such, he walked towards the door and carefully opened it.

Or at least, he tried to do so.

No matter how many times or how hard he attempted to twist the door handle, the door just would not budge.

Only then did he realize that the door had been obstructed and simply could not be opened from his side!

As Chu Xiang bolted out of the room in a hurry, she had inadvertently left behind one of the flying drones back in the room.

This captured the series of events that befell the clown, which caused the viewers to burst out laughing.

The bloodied room was undoubtedly terrifying, let alone the horrific face of the clown amidst the darkness.

Even then, why was the scene so hilarious!

She arrived at the corridor and was faced with six doors on both sides.

With each one she opened, she would take quick glances around the room to see whether or not it would lead to the end.

If not, she would immediately close it and sabotage the door handles on her end.

As for the figure that appeared on the windows inside, why would she bother dealing with it

At this point, she had already opened four of the doors.

Opening the fifth one, she noticed another door inside that room and instantly ran inside.

Just as she did so, the fireplace on the side suddenly lit up in flames as the smell of gasoline dispersed throughout the room.

It seemed as if the entire room was being cooked.

In order to open the other door, Chu Xiang needed to find a key.

Turning back around, she realized that the initial door she came in through had closed and locked itself.

The light in the room began flickering on and off as a series of knocks sounded from the cabinet against the wall.

Taking a moment to analyze the room, she realized that there wasn’t any gasoline within the room.

The smell was only there to add tension.

Starting on the left side of the room, she began rummaging through the place in search of the key.

The moment she pulled open a certain drawer, a voodoo doll suddenly sprung out as some kind of waltz music started playing in the background.

Such a normal-sounding song simply gave off a frighteningly odd feeling when played in such an atmosphere.

Pressing the voodoo doll back and closing the drawer, Chu Xiang continued searching through the room.

Then she heard creaking sounds coming from the direction of the cabinet.

As expected, it was slowly opening from within.

Thinking back to the director’s warning, she immediately dashed closed its door shut before moving a sofa over to block it off.

Even when something kept knocking, Chu Xiang pretended as if nothing was happening and continued on her search.

Five minutes later, the walls next to the fireplace suddenly caught on fire as the room became stiflingly hot.

Fortunately, she had also found the key.

After unlocking the door, she turned around to look at the blazing walls before cautiously moving closer to it.

Shocked, she exclaimed, “These special effects are amazing!”

Admiring the effects of the fake flames for a moment, she moved the sofa obstructing the cabinet before running out the door.

Of course, she once again sabotaged the door handle with the abundance of rope she decided to bring in this time.

[Sister Xiang, please accept my admiration!]

[Sister Xiang is sabotaging anything that may be a jumpscare, hahaha! She even complimented the special effects of the flames.

Is she some kind of immortal being She’s so cute! I’m quite fond of her.

From now on, I will become her fan!]

[Sister Xiang, you don’t have to worry too much about us.

We can certainly handle a few horror scenes, so you can move slower.

I’m really curious about what was inside the cabinet now, hahaha!]

[This is a haunted house, right Why does Sister Xiang make it seem like an escape room Hahahaha! Good luck, Sister Xiang!]


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