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“Okay, mom will teach you everything that you want to learn.

You will need to practice to be able to learn how to properly manage the company.

Why don’t I make you assist in contacting the Xiao Family You will be in charge of contacting them and making appointments with Special Assistant Liang.

When there’s a business meeting, you can tag along and record the meeting.

Afterward, in private, you can draft plans and various exercises pertaining to the project.

I will go over the project and give you feedback.”

These were all the most basic work of a business project.

It was not difficult, but by doing it, she will be able to clearly understand everything pertaining to the project.

She will be following Fang Qing from the beginning to the end, recording every step of the project’s progress, and experiencing the hard work and happiness once the project is complete.

This was indeed the most suitable way for Chu Xiang to grow.

Chu Xiang nodded her head happily, “Okay! I’ll ask Secretary Liu for guidance on how to record each business meeting and learn about the precautions I should take when communicating with the Xiao Family.”

After Chu Xiang quickly drank half a cup of milk tea, she ran off in the direction of the secretary’s office with her laptop.

Fang Qing shook her head and chuckled, “She does as she says.”

Chu Dongqi took a sip of his tea, leaned comfortably on the sofa, and narrowed his eyes, “Our daughter is doing well.

Not only is she efficient at work, but she seems quite passionate about life.

Have you read the news where a woman committed suicide after she broke up with her boyfriend I feel glad that Xiang Xiang not only was able to quickly recover from the accident but actually have a more positive outlook on life now.”

“Speaking of this matter, how did your talk with Ye Zhenhong go He didn’t try to wrangle with you, right” Fang Qing only had one daughter.

She was reluctant to beat or scold her, so she was furious when she found out that her daughter was bullied by Ye Chen.

Now, she felt repulsed whenever she thought of the Ye Family.

Chu Dongqi snorted softly, “If he dares to clash with me, I’ll have to at least peel off his skin at the expense of myself.

Don’t worry, I didn’t have the time to tell you in the meeting just now, but I talked to him on the phone earlier this morning.

We have discussed breaking off the engagement.

Xiang Xiang and Ye Chen will no longer have a relationship in the future.”

Fang Qing relaxed, “That’s good.

I’ll have Special Assistant Liang keep an eye on Bai Xuewei.

Bai Ling and her are both living in an apartment that’s under Ye Chen’s name.

They haven’t moved out yet, which shows that Ye Zhenhong and his wife have never disciplined Ye Chen.

There’s no need for us to communicate with such people in the future.

It just so happens that the rise of the Xiao Family can make up the deficit that formed after breaking our ties with the Ye Family.

We should build our relationship with the Xiao Family during this collaboration and stay far away from the Ye Family in the future.”

“I will do as my wife commands.” Chu Dongqi smiled and saluted his wife, causing Fang Qing to chuckle.

The two of them were happy that they were able to cut ties with the Ye Family without incurring any loss.

They were also looking forward to their cooperation with the Xiao Family.

On the other hand, Ye Zhenhong was having a headache.

He had never expected such a small incident to cause such serious consequences; he also couldn’t help but feel that the Chu Family was acting overly protective of their child.

Wasn’t it normal for wealthy families like them to have an affair once in a while As long as it didn’t cause any major consequences, then it should’ve been fine.

Although Ye Chen’s proposal to break off the engagement was excessive, Ye Zhenhong knew that he could gain control over the matter.

However, the Chu Family didn’t even give him an opportunity to make amends when they broke off their ties with him.

This made him extremely gloomy.

Before he thought of a method to ease the tension, he received a call from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s tone was ice-cold as he said, “Dad, no matter what you say, I must break off my engagement.

I can’t stand Chu Xiang anymore.

Today, she embarrassed me in front of hundreds of students at school.

Marrying a woman like her will shorten my life by ten years! Don’t try to threaten me by freezing my credit cards because I will not marry Chu Xiang no matter what methods you use.

It’ll all be useless!”

Ye Zhenhong sneered, “You still don’t want to marry her Well, you won’t be able to marry her even if you want to now.

The Chu Family has forcibly broken off the engagement.

You don’t have any relationship with Chu Xiang.

Are you happy now The company lost more than billions of yuan in damage.

Is your girlfriend, who is the daughter of a housekeeper, worth more than billions of yuan”

Ye Chen was stunned for a moment and even suspected that he was hearing things.

After a long time had passed, he finally asked, “Did Chu Xiang really agree to break off the engagement Dad, are you lying to me”

“Why would I lie to you I want you to move back home immediately and stop hanging out with those shady people outside.

If I don’t see you home by tonight, I will freeze all your cards,” Ye Zhenhong hung up immediately after he finished speaking in a firm voice.


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