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Tapping the clown on his shoulder, Chu Xiang asked using a foreign language, “If I let you go now, will you go out and not bother him anymore”

Unable to turn its head, the clown let out a hoarse laugh as if sandpaper was grinding against its throat, causing one’s hair to stand on end.

Dong Bohao suddenly leaned against Chu Xiang’s backpack, shivering in fear.

Seeing this, Chu Xiang turned around.

“Why don’t we go back I feel that there’ll be even more terrifying things ahead.

This haunted house clearly doesn’t use cartoonish characters to scare people.

Instead, they imitate that of horror films by creating an immersive atmosphere and employing garish scare tactics.

Had I not forcefully pulled him down, he would’ve dropped the objects above the door.”

However, Dong Bohao’s curiosity got ahead of him.

Even though he was shivering, he nevertheless subconsciously looked in the direction where the clown was previously hanging up.

There, he vaguely saw an open sack filled with dark, disgusting bugs!

Imagining countless bugs raining down from the sky onto his face, he felt a cold shiver down his spine as his heart skipped a beat.

But when he saw Chu Xiang pinning down the clown, he said with a trembling voice, “That won’t do for the live broadcast.

I’d already promised to let the viewers see the full picture of the haunted house…”

Chu Xiang admired his dedication and spirit to take risks.

Once again, she tapped the clown on his shoulder and said, “You’re also very dedicated to your role, seeing how you’re unwilling to leave.

Even then, I simply can’t allow you to keep causing more trouble.

I apologize in advance, for I’ll have to wrong you for a moment.”

With that, she untied the colorful strands of cloth from the clown’s costume and tied his wrists together.

Then, she braided the remaining strands into a long rope and restrained the clown to the leg of a table, the tablecloth hanging down from the edge coincidentally covering up his terrifying face.

After doing so, Chu Xiang made sure to close the door properly before facing Dong Bohao, who was blindly following her.

“Brother Dong, take a moment to rest.

We’ll move to the next area after you manage to catch your breath.

There aren’t any other doors to this room.

Let’s stay in the room for a while longer before exploring the other ones.”

As he swept his gaze in every single direction, the clown kept struggling to break free from the table, causing the table to make all kinds of creaking noises while laughing eerily.

But since he knew that the clown had already been tied up by Chu Xiang, he no longer felt scared of him.

Leaning against the wall, he sat down on the soft carpet, exhausted.

“I can do this.

Just give me a minute to recover.

That was quite intense.”

Chu Xiang walked towards the table and moved all the tableware down below the table.

Placed on top of each plate were severed fingers, oozing ears, eyeballs, and so on.

Those objects were made to look extremely realistic.

Anyone who came across them would definitely be frightened.

The flying drones and the small webcam attached to Chu Xiang captured this scene very clearly.

While Dong Bohao may not have noticed them, the viewers, on the other hand, saw everything! The bullet screen was full of caps-locked expletives and keyboard smashes.

One could tell just how terrified the audience was just by looking at their responses!

The middle of the table cloth began to dye itself with blood.

Rapidly spreading across the entire cloth, the blood started dripping down onto the carpet.

Scanning the room, Chu Xiang noticed blood flowing down the walls of the room.

Upon seeing this, Dong Bohao instantly shot back up and jumped behind Chu Xiang like a rabbit.

“What the hell is that!”

Realizing that the dye on the wall seemed different from that of the table cloth, Chu Xiang reached out and touched it.

His eyes bugged out of his face as he grabbed her arm.

“Hey, you shouldn’t touch it!”

However, Chu Xiang had already touched it and noticed that there wasn’t anything on the wall.

She then moved closer to sniff it, but she couldn’t smell anything from it either.

Spreading out her hands, she said, “Brother Dong, this is fake.

I’m not sure whether it’s some sort of screen or simply a projection of some kind, but the blood isn’t real.”

Although the clown tied against the table couldn’t understand what she was saying, he knew that the room should’ve been covered with the color of blood at this point according to the procedure.

Even then, that woman was still calmly analyzing the place.

What a weirdo.


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