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After working with the production crew and shooting two days’ worth of scenes for “Target,” Chu Xiang requested for a leave on the third day to partake in the broadcast for “Are Celebrities Capable Or Not” overseas.

The shoot for “Target” was rather relaxed and easy for her as the majority of the scenes taken were the battles between Liao Ze and the main villain.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang only showed up in two other fighting scenes — all shot within a single take.

Learning that Chu Xiang was going to join Dong Bohao in his trip to a haunted house, Liao Ze saw her in a completely new light.

“Sister Xiang, what were you thinking to have accepted his invitation He looked everywhere in his circle of friends, but no one bothered responding to him.

He’s an absolute lunatic who does whatever he wants.

To challenge a haunted house at the age of 50, how daring do you think he is!”

Chu Xiang replied without thinking too much of it, “If he wasn’t a daring person, would the production crew have selected him as the host Would you like to go together We can appear together as the golden squad again.”

A slight tingle jolted through Liao Ze’s mind.

If they were going to a normal haunted house, he would have considered the offer; however, Dong Bohao wanted to go to the scariest haunted house in the world.

Despite being deeply touched by her words, he couldn’t help but reject her offer.

With that, he grasped Chu Xiang’s hand earnestly.

“Please take good care of yourself!”

Laughing her eyes out, Chu Xiang bid him farewell before leaving overseas.

Meanwhile, Zhou Ye had already boarded and was waiting for her in the plane.

He then said in a sour tone, “Are the two of you that close for him to be so reluctant to part from you”

Lifting out a crime novel, Chu Xiang said half-heartedly, “You’re familiar with everyone whether or not I’m acquainted with them or not anyways, so why do you ask”

Zhou Ye remained silent.

Was it a problem for him to ask such questions Wasn’t she practically shunning him Taking advantage of the opportunity when the plane had yet to lift off, Zhou Ye browsed the web for Liao Ze’s information: extremely popular amongst students, great acting skills, especially dedicated to his works.

His qualities seemed like ones that Chu Xiang would like….

Taking a look at Chu Xiang’s focused expression, Zhou Ye understood that she had already delved deep into her studies about a character who advocated for justice.

Disturbing her now would only provoke her wrath.

Thus, he could only pass the time all on his own.

Taking out his laptop, he suddenly remembered that his assistant was about to lose his mind.

With that, he decided to take the time to look through the piled-up documents.

Fortunately, his “middle-aged” body was still radiating with vigor.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had any extra time to chase after his “wife.”


Dong Bohao had long since arrived at the city where the haunted house was located.

The moment Chu Xiang got off the plane, he urged her to adjust to the new time zone as he expressed his excitement to explore the haunted house.

Just like before, Zhao Ye couldn’t be discovered by anyone.

Xiao Tao and Brother Yong continued to be the ones who accompanied Chu Xiang.

After arriving at the site, Chu Xiang greeted everyone from the production crew.

Before the shoot began, however, she received another call from Zhou Ye.

Slightly worried, Zhou Ye asked, “Are you starting to feel scared If so, you should opt out from the shoot.

I have a way to make up for it.

After all, this is the world’s most terrifying haunted house.”

“I’m fine.”

What kind of monsters had she not seen before Besides, there weren’t any real ghosts in this world at all.

Meanwhile, Zhou Ye was sitting in a car as he watched her from afar.

“I’m at the southeastern corner of the area.

Come find me if you ever feel uncomfortable in any way.”

Taking a quick glance southeast, Chu Xing chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’m not afraid.”


As soon as the live broadcast started, the viewers immediately saw Chu Xiang and Dong Bohao standing before the entrance to the haunted house, precisely the one where no one went according to the legends!

Chu Xiang wore a scarlet sleeveless dress that dropped down just before her knees while Dong Bohao was clad in pure black.

Standing in front of the haunted house, they could feel an indescribably eerie feeling.

[Why do I already have goosebumps when they haven’t even gone inside yet]

[Those two are awesome! Since Chu Xiang is dressed in red, won’t she look like an evil spirit when inside the haunted house]

[Brother Dong is dressed in full black.

Will we be able to see him inside the haunted house]


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