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After hanging up the call, Zhou Ye went back to the room and informed Chu Xiang about the news that he dug up online.

The majority of the novel fans would naturally doubt Chu Xiang’s acting abilities as they were simply lost for words with Chu Xiang’s performances in her previous three shows.

How could they possibly believe that Chu Xiang had changed through a trailer that lasted for merely a few minutes A large portion of the novel fans decided to continue boycotting the show and cause a ruckus online.

On the other hand, a small minority of novel fans were completely stunned, saying how Chu Xiang was exactly the breathtaking Xuan Ruo in their hearts, and looked forward to the full release of the show.

The bypassers who came across the trailer weren’t as emotionally stirred up as the novel fans.

They only felt that the trailer kept them hanging as they wanted to keep watching, wanting to know what would happen after Chu Xiang pressed down on her abdomen.

How thrilling!

Since Chu Xiang’s performance was able to give them such a feeling, they were willing to wait for the official airing of the show to see what happens next.

At some point, the attention of the bypassers gradually focused on Chu Xiang’s attractiveness once again.

After all, there was nothing much left to see except for the fact that her face looked even more beautiful the more one looked at it.

Chu Xiang’s witch costume was far too breathtaking.

They even began mentioning the cosmeceutical products of Company S again.

Who told them to include a woman with such a beautiful appearance in the show!

Scrolling down the list of comments, Chu Xiang realized that there wasn’t any space on the stage for the haters to take action this time as her performance in the trailer was simply flawless.

Even her appearance was stunning beyond belief.

If they were to throw any shade at her now, it would only show that they were idiots.

Thus, only a few of them were willing to jump out and display their lack of intelligence.

The number of haters swarming the news related to Chu Xiang had unwittingly dwindled down to only a few of them.

On the other hand, the number of fans and bypasses had seemingly increased, making the situation much better than before.

Zhou Ye leaned next to her.

“‘Heaven Realm Sect’ will be airing very soon.

‘Ultra Rising Stars’ will also be broadcasting at the same time.

Two months later will be the live broadcast of ‘Sweet Love Poem.’ After that, it’ll be ‘Target’ and finally ‘Palace of Abyss’ near the end of the year.

For the next half of the year, you’ll actively be living on the screen.

Are you happy with that”

Chu Xiang looked at the screen with a dissatisfied expression.

“It’s alright.”

Having pursued her for such a long time, Zhou Ye had more or less figured out her mentality.

Lying his head on the script and looking up towards her, he chuckled, “Other than these programs, you will still be partaking in others such as ‘Are Celebrities Capable Or Not’ and the other broadcasts that happen weekly.

With a few more of them added into your schedule, you’ll be able to make even more appearances on the screen.”

As Chu Xiang looked straight at him, Zhou Ye continued, “Dong Bohao from ‘Are Celebrities Capable Or Not’ has already asked his manager to contact Uncle Dong, hoping for you to appear in his program again.

Do you want to do it”

“Why would I not go”

Chu Xiang had never once felt tired.

Ever since she became interested in the entertainment industry, she had only ever been working for all 24 hours around the day.

Lifting out her phone, she contacted both Uncle Dong and Dong Bohao separately, coming to an agreement in the blink of an eye.

Ever since clearing things up on ‘Unusual Q&A,’ Chu Xiang had not participated in any other variety programs.

With the official airing of ‘Heaven Realm Sect’ only a month away, now would be the perfect time for her to participate and show her face in another variety program in order to promote herself even more.

The moment Dong Bohao received news of Chu Xiang’s participation in his program, he burst with excitement.

Originally, he wanted to challenge himself by exploring the world’s most frightening haunted house.

Despite asking around everywhere in his circle of friends, none of them were willing to go with him.

For Chu Xiang to actually be indifferent, not caring whatsoever about haunted houses, he had a feeling that this opportunity definitely had some kind of meaning to it.

In an attempt to attract even more viewership to the program, the production crew announced in advance that Dong Bohao would be challenging the world’s most frightening haunted house with Chu Xiang in the upcoming week’s broadcast.

It was said that no one had ever reached the other end of the haunted house before, with most individuals running back halfway down the path.

The online users had not even finished talking about ‘Heaven Realm Sect’ before they realized that Chu Xiang was going to enter a haunted house.

The first thing they thought about was how Xuan Ruo had turned evil and sought to conquer a haunted house! In an instant, a horde of online users began bombarding the comments below with various questions and responses.

[Chu Xiang, even if you want to gain more popularity after coming out of retirement, you shouldn’t court disaster doing so! There must be a reason why no one has ever conquered the haunted house.

It’s terrifying as hell!]


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