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Although Chu Xiang’s birthday had yet to arrive, the agency of the variety program that she was a part of had already uploaded a post onto the internet celebrating it in advance.

During her shoot of ‘Ultra Rising Stars,’ since there were large amounts of outdoor tasks requiring the participants to run around the streets in order to complete their tasks, many of their fans and bypassers were able to spectate the program in person from the side.

Thus, the news agencies were able to take many photos.

Furthermore, since the participants would usually be drenched in sweat by the end of the program, Chu Xiang opted to forgo makeup.

The other hosts in the variety program all gasped the moment they saw her.

“Surely, she’s far too attractive, right She looks even more beautiful than she is in her dairy commercials!”

One of the fans shouted towards Chu Xiang’s back, “Chu Xiang, are you taking traditional medicine to maintain your skin”

Chu Xiang turned her head around and chuckled.

“I won’t be revealing the secret formula as I have already sold it to a makeup company.

You’ll find out when they release their new cosmeceutical series.”

Not expecting her to actually respond to them, the fans nodded their heads enthusiastically and shouted, “We love you so much.

We’ll definitely buy it!”

A moment later, successive shouts saying, “I’ll also buy it,” erupted around the vicinity.

In an instant, the surroundings had already turned into a meeting ground for Chu Xiang’s fans.

However, her fans only amounted to that of 10% of the crowd.

Smiling, Chu Xiang waved to the crowd before turning back around and continuing with her tasks quickly.

Photos and videos taken by her fans quickly circulated through the net.

Once again, Chu Xiang had relied on her attractiveness to rise up in the top search query online.

Similarly, the online users were once again focusing on her smooth, plump skin.

Despite feeling the urge to throw even more shade on Chu Xiang, her haters could not come up with anything to continue doing so.

Every single one of them rushed to the live broadcast of ‘Ultra Rising Stars,’ saying how Chu Xiang simply could not compare to Lin Ling.

Chu Xiang’s fans immediately arrived at the scene, expressing their reverence for Teacher Lin Ling and saying how Xiang Xiang would also follow her steps, shooting the broadcast properly.

As the topic of Chu Xiang’s attractiveness rose up the top search query online, the haters realized that their efforts were futile.

Even when someone would mention, [Am I the only one who doesn’t understand Chu Xiang’s attractiveness I simply don’t think she’s attractive at all.]

Such comments would immediately be flooded with responses down below.

[You’re a single person.

You’re indeed a single person.

Look how godly of a person you are.

You’re so amazing!]

[You have such discerning eyes, for you see what we cannot.

Is there anyone who can match your taste]

[This earth can no longer endure your godly tastes.

Please hurry up and fly back up into the heavens.]

The internet was fully in agreement that Chu Xiang didn’t possess a single flaw in her appearance, no matter what angle she was seen from.

The online users had even started spreading photos of all beautiful female celebrities from the last 20 years during the peak of their careers, only to realize that not a single one of them could compete with Chu Xiang.

With her single appearance in the top search query, Chu Xiang had already won over many people!

Many online users had stated their interest in watching ‘Ultra Rising Stars,’ just to see this side of Chu Xiang.

Furthermore, the news agencies focused their lenses on the moments when Chu Xiang was trying her hardest during her tasks as they felt that it would be a good showing.

Besides, wasn’t her performance during her previous live broadcasts extremely fun to watch She always seemed to be bursting with great energy.

Another matter that caught the attention of the public was regarding the makeup products that she had previously mentioned.

Everyone was now making their own guesses as to which company managed to buy Chu Xiang’s secret formula.

Coincidentally, Johnson had finally finished manufacturing the cosmeceutical series.

After consulting the matter with Chu Xiang, they seized the opportunity and made the official announcement through commercials.

[It’s Company S I happen to just be using their makeup products right now.

They’re very nice to use.

Ah! I want to buy their cosmeceutical series!]

[I used their products during my time outside the country before.

I didn’t think they suited the skin of Asians very well, so I didn’t end up buying it within the country even when I saw them.]

[The products made using Chu Xiang’s secret formula will definitely be suited for us.

I want to buy it.

When will it be made available]

[Chu Xiang isn’t half bad, seeing how she actually sold it to such a large brand.

At the very least, the quality of the product will be guaranteed.

I will buy it! I’m looking forward to the day of its release!]

As both Company S and Chu Xiang rose up in the top search query, news regarding the cosmeceutical series spread smoothly throughout the internet before its release.

Saving quite a large sum of money that would otherwise be used to advertise the products, they were able to line up pre-orders of the products with online merchants.

As soon as this passageway opened up, the volume of pre-orders skyrocketed, shocking Johnson.

He only now realized the extent of Chu Xiang’s influence.


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