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The scent of cooking instant noodles brushed past her nose.

Such an enticing smell was completely different from that of gourmet food.

As soon as she came into contact with its fragrance, it felt as if her very soul was being lured into a trap.

When Chu Xiang looked at the pot of instant noodles for the third time, Zhou Ye lifted the lip from the pot and stirred the noodles before giving a reasonable portion to Chu Xiang.

“I happen to know of a pretty good snack street in the night market.

Would you like to go together some other day”

Slurping down her first mouthful of instant noodles, Chu Xiang could not help but gasp in awe from its otherworldly taste.

“Does the snack street have the same kind of food”

“Not quite, as all of the food there is freshly made.”

Seeing how he was moving down the right direction, he continued to explain, “The night market has all sorts of snacks such as fried squid, crayfish, oden, fried meat, and many more delicious foods.

You will learn more about them when you go there.

However, you will need to disguise yourself when the time comes.

Otherwise, you will most certainly be surrounded and trapped by people who just so happen to recognize you.”

Chu Xiang agreed, “That should be easy.

No one will be able to recognize me after putting on a disguise.”

Meanwhile, the broadcast on the screen had already reached the point of the first dates.

When the observers started to analyze their candidate of inspiration, Chu Xiang immediately turned her full attention towards the screen.

Zhou Ye sat next to Chu Xiang and leaned slightly against her with the bowl of noodles in his hand.

He then suggested that they guess who the observers had their eyes on as the true candidate of inspiration.

After who knows how long, Uncle Dong knocked on the door to inform Chu Xiang that all the offers had been finalized.

Only then did she finally realize that the entire afternoon had already passed.

With the coffee table in front of her filled with a mountain of empty bags, she also felt that her stomach was quite satisfied.

But fortunately for her, it should only take at most a week of channeling her spiritual energy to get rid of all the food in her body.

Realizing that not a single snack was left in the empty bags, Chu Xiang felt a slight hint of regret.

Upon witnessing her downcast appearance, Zhou Ye could not help but regret buying too little.

But seeing that his stomach was already filled to the brim, Chu Xiang must be some sort of eating champion!

Looking down at the mountain of junk food on the table, Uncle Dong shook his head and chuckled.

“You guys continue doing what you’re doing.

I’ll be taking my leave from work today.

Xiao Chu, you should also go home early today and get some rest.

You still have to sign the contract for your endorsement tomorrow.”

“Uncle Dong, let’s go back together,” Chu Xiang suggested as she stood up and smiled at Zhou Ye.

“Director Zhou, thank you for watching the broadcast with me for the entire afternoon.

I’ll call the janitor to clean up the place in a bit.”

Zhou Ye hurriedly looked at his wristwatch and stood up.

“Since it’s already about time for dinner, why don’t you go out for dinner together”

“I don’t think there’s a need for dinner, seeing how much we ate just now.” Chu Xiang looked at Zhou Ye’s bulging stomach and swallowed back her laughter.

“I’ll go home early to watch some films.

Director Zhou, you should also get off work soon.” Revealing a gentle smile, Chu Xiang lifted her bag and left the office with Uncle Dong.

Zhou Ye laid on the sofa and pondered for a moment whether he was just thrown to the side after being taken advantage of.

Thus, he immediately barged out of the room and chased after the two of them.

Keeping a reasonable distance between them, he heard Uncle Dong ask Chu Xiang, “How did you feel throughout the afternoon”

From Zhou Ye’s perspective, Uncle Dong’s words appeared to be hinting at something then.

It seemed that he was testing out the waters for him.

What an absolute chad! Taking nimble steps forward, Zhou Ye held his breath and pricked his ears to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Soon enough, he managed to hear Chu Xiang’s response.

“The snacks were very delicious! I plan to ask Xiao Tao to buy some snacks and eat them with me over at my place later.

That’s right, I’ve already grasped the idea behind the love program.

Uncle Dong, you can rest assured.

When the time comes, I will definitely display a wonderful performance.”

Zhou Ye paused.

Very good, she didn’t mention anything about him.

Furthermore, it seemed that Chu Xiang would be inviting Xiao Tao over to her humble abode to watch a movie together.

However, that would also mean that Chu Xiang’s spoiled personality wouldn’t be shown exclusively to him either.

In that case, didn’t the situation just now look as if an empress was eating her food leisurely while being served by her servant on the side

“Hmmm… why does it feel as if I’m drifting infinitely further away despite my efforts of chasing after her”


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