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Even though the female detective served as the female lead of the show, the focal point of the show was mainly directed towards the interactions between the male protagonist and the main villain.

In fact, the female lead’s screen time did not even amount to half of the main villain’s.

Moving onto the topic of Chu Xiang’s role, she would definitely perform well as long as she understood her character.

Even if she were to make a few mistakes here and there, it would still be fine.

This made the offer more appealing.

At this moment, her acting coach said, “If Chu Xiang really wants to accept the role, she would need to observe how things work at the police station.

Perhaps she could even do some research and learn the traits of a detective.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think she would have any problems with the act or dialogue.

How can I say this Well… she shouldn’t need to emit an excessive sense of justice.”

“Haha! We’ll just have to overcome the obstacle when the time comes.

Next time, I will pay close attention to this.”

Uncle Dong nodded.

“The main reason why I brought up the conversation about this particular work was that the male lead possesses superb acting skills.

In fact, he’s someone that you’re acquainted with.

He’s one of the guys that you shot your first live broadcast with after coming back, Liao Ze.

His appearance as the main protagonist has the ability to carry the entire show.

In addition to the veteran actor playing the part of the main villain, the show will definitely do quite well.

Actually, I reckon it might even be a big hit.

But other than those two characters, there really aren’t any other redeeming qualities about the rest of the cast.

If you do end up accepting the role, you must definitely give out your best performance.

Otherwise, you will most likely be overshadowed by them.

You have to remember that this offer is simply an opportunity.

It doesn’t mean that it won’t pose any risks for your career.

Anyways, let’s take a look at the other two screenplays.”

The second screenplay was a TV series starring a female lead struggling in the job market.

In the show, the female lead marries into a wealthy family and ends up as a full-time housewife.

But since her husband wasn’t very good at expressing himself and always found himself buried under his mountain of work, he did not have many opportunities to reciprocate his wife’s love for him.

Meanwhile, her mother-in-law would deliberately make things even more difficult for her at home.

As if that wasn’t enough, the drama in this show would escalate as soon as the second female lead made her appearance and caused a misunderstanding with the main female lead’s husband.

Unable to endure the pain and suffering in that family any longer, she immediately filed for a divorce.

While continuing with her studies and fighting for her life in the job market, she gradually moved up in her workplace and eventually developed into a confident, independent woman.

Since her ex-husband had always loved her dearly, he strived to learn the proper ways of expressing his emotions and handling familial relations.

Only after getting things under control did he attempt to chase after the female lead once again, picking up the shattered pieces and starting anew as true lovers.

Upon hearing the entire plot, Chu Xiang shook her head.

“I will not be accepting the role given to me for this show as the first half of the story is far too cruel, given how similar it is to my reality.

If I were to accept the role and act out the second half of the plot, the viewers will definitely correlate it back to my life.

Besides, I do not see a valid reason to start anew with the male lead of the show.

After all, the second male lead is obviously a much better choice.”

After everyone took a look at this particular offer, the manager of the PR department said, “I’m pretty sure that Chu Xiang would be more fond of playing the role of a character seeking revenge.

In fact, I too believe that kind of character suits her much better.

Hasn’t Chu Xiang been building up the persona of an independent woman who is seeking to avenge herself ever since coming out of retirement Wouldn’t it also be better for her to act in more refreshing roles to gain a larger fanbase We can simply save the other types of roles for a later time in her career, and we might as well allow her to grow as an actress before then.”

Uncle Dong agreed and set the second screenplay aside.

The third screenplay was a large-scale drama written by Big IP, involving the entire chamber of imperial concubines fighting and scheming against each other as the main plot of the story.

In this show, Chu Xiang was offered the role as yet another girl-number-three, the brainless yet merciless senior concubine who was deeply in love with the emperor.

The director for this show was acquainted with Director Lee.

Only after hearing about Chu Xiang’s stellar performance as Xuan Ruo did the director present her with the offer for the role of a girl who was actually sweet and naive underneath the surface.

Since it was similar to the previous characters whom she acted as before initially retiring, it shouldn’t pose much of a problem for her.

All she needed to do during her scenes was to maintain a vicious expression and say a few cruel lines.

As such, it wouldn’t matter very much even if she had to redo her part a few times.

At the very least, her face was a perfect fit for the particular character.


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