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Ye Chen was very well-regarded in school.

Not only did the teacher know that he wasn’t one of her students, but the three students in front of her were embroiled in a love triangle.

It was common for students from other majors in the university to attend classes that they aren’t enrolled in.

However, the rule was that they aren’t allowed to disturb the students that are officially enrolled in the class.

The teacher immediately said, “Young man, if you wish to attend this class, then you should sit down.

If you don’t want to attend this class, then please leave as soon as possible.

I’m about to start class.”

It didn’t matter how rich these second-generation young masters were to her, but she knew that she shouldn’t bump heads with the people from the Ye Family, so her tone was very formal.

There were hundreds of students seated in the classroom and they were all staring at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt immensely humiliated by this citation, so he immediately stood up and left the classroom.

“Ye Chen!” Bai Xuewei hurriedly packed up her items to chase after him.

When she reached the door, she bowed apologetically to the teacher and said, “Teacher, I’m sorry for the trouble we’ve caused you.

Ye Chen has injured his hand, so I will accompany him to the hospital.”

The teacher waved her hand to dismiss her.

Then, she cleared her throat and started teaching.

The students in the classroom hadn’t recovered from the aftershock of what they had just witnessed.

While they were still processing what had just happened, they noticed that Chu Xiang seemed to have already forgotten about the matter.

She was listening attentively to the teacher’s lecture.

One of the students whispered, “She’s so cool!”

Another student echoed in agreement, “When Chu Xiang slammed his hand against the table, Ye Chen screamed as his mother had just died.”

“Isn’t she acting a little too cruel and heartless Ye Chen had never lost his self-control like this before, so it must’ve been extremely painful, right”

“Aish! Don’t you think he deserves it Who told him to disturb her when she’s studying Pfft ~”

Some of the students began to chuckle.

Ever since they graduated from high school, they had never heard someone beat someone else up for ‘disturbing them from studying’.

But after they carefully pondered over the whole incident, they realized that Chu Xiang was actually reading a book at that time.

Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei were intentionally bothering her.

Some of them believed that Chu Xiang acted too ruthless, while some thought that she was very ‘cool’ for doing that.

Others felt distressed for Ye Chen, some even sympathize with Bai Xuewei.

The remaining people scolded Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei as scumbags and praised Chu Xiang for getting justice for herself.

The number of clicks and views on the video that was posted on the school forum was increasing rapidly.

The students all commented their own thoughts on the incident.

However, Chu Xiang was unaware of this.

She listened to the teacher’s lecture while she simultaneously finished reading the entire English book.

She felt very fulfilled with all the knowledge she gained from the lecture that she took out her library card and headed for the library after class ended.

She found multiple books for learning English; most of the books she took from the shelf were focused on business English and oral communications.

These types of books will be very helpful in her future work.

Wherever she went, she was the center of everyone’s attention.

Not only were people paying attention to her, but there were people even posting live updates on her whereabouts constantly on the school forum.

Some of them even took pictures of her, praising her for her beautiful appearance.

As a result, the entire school knew that she was currently in the library.

Chu Xiang borrowed ten books in total.

Just as she was about to leave with the books, a handsome young man walked up to her to express his goodwill, “I’ll help you carry the books.

How can a young lady carry something this heavy”

Chu Xiang recalled that the original owner of the body had never personally lifted heavy objects before, so she nodded her head and replied with a smile, “Thank you.”

The young man’s heart almost burst out of his heart when he was faced with her beautiful smile.

He reached up and lifted up the books.

He didn’t forget to maintain his ‘cool image’ for fear of embarrassing himself in front of the beauty.

When he lifted up the books, he realized that the books were quite heavy.

Although he was still about to walk while carrying the books, he swayed side to side as he walked.

He was unable to walk steadily.

Chu Xiang didn’t expect the young man to be feeble.

She recalled that there were towering stairs outside the library and if the young man drops the stack of books, the books will scatter everywhere on the floor.

She would have to expend some efforts to pick up all the fallen books.

It was too troublesome for her to even think about it.

She hated being troubled the most, so she reached out and took the stack of books from him.

Chu Xiang smiled and said, “I think it’s better if you let me carry it.

Thank you for your help.

Goodbye.” Chu Xiang carried the ten thick books and walked out of the library steadily and quickly in her eight centimeter tall high heels.

She descended the stairs as if she was walking on flat grounds.

The boys and the other students in the library were in awe by what they had just witnessed. How is she so strong What is the use of boys if they can’t even do the heavy lifting


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