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At that moment, the film crew zoomed the camera further away from Chu Xiang, leaving the audience wondering whether Chu Xiang was satisfied or heartbroken by this regretful outcome.

Even though she was not outwardly showing her emotions, she didn’t seem to harbor any sort of hatred either.

In fact, she seemed to be more anxious instead and looked to be covered in cuts and bruises all around her body.

Furthermore, she had even personally destroyed the last of her connection with her husband that was never meant to be.

All of this was done to allow her to preserve her own life and identity.

From then on, she would remain as herself, the beautiful Xuan Ruo.

Rendered speechless, the screenwriter pulled on Director Lee with great excitement.

“She’s indeed Xuan Ruo! She’s the Xuan Ruo that I initially pictured in my mind.

Actually, no… she’s even better than what I imagined! Chu Xiang is amazing! That’s exactly how Xuan Ruo would have reacted in this situation! Without a doubt, Xuan Ruo is definitely my favorite character throughout the entire show.

Director Lee, you must not cut any of her scenes.

Chu Xiang, keep up the good work.

Isn’t her character absolutely amazing”

“Why would I even think about cutting off her scenes after witnessing such a performance Instead, we should be working on fine-tuning the scenes and further improving her character.”

“I will do just that when I get home tonight as I have achieved a sudden burst of enlightenment today!”

At this point, Director Lee’s tensed heart had relaxed completely as he called Chu Xiang over to take a look at the recording.

“Your performance was absolutely perfect! As a matter of fact, you’ve surpassed all of my expectations.

It seemed as if you were completely possessed by the character herself.

Xiao Chu, tell me… just how you were able to encapsulate Xuan Ruo’s entire character so well  in a single scene”

Intrigued by the topic of the conversation, the screenwriter shifted her gaze towards Chu Xiang, waiting for her answer.

“Well… I figured that Xuan Ruo would have lost her mind and turned to the dark side after experiencing such betrayal from her husband.

From my perspective, a character like her would never waver when making important decisions.

Instead, she would follow through with what she knows she should do.

She doesn’t seem to be someone who bases her identity solely on her love life.

By making her resolve, she would leave not a single connection binding her to the past.

Just as one should properly love their partner in a relationship, they should also end things properly when the time comes.

Besides, if someone betrays you, you should definitely get back at them a thousandfold and give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Looking at Chu Xiang, Director Li suddenly felt an indescribable feeling.

He finally understood how Cheng Jie felt when he stumbled backward in the previous take and why he was so immersed in the act.

When Chu Xiang explained what it meant to be her character, it really did seem as if she was the person herself.

Furthermore, the scene where Chu Xiang struck down on her womb would certainly have a huge impact on the viewers as even he couldn’t help but feel his blood run cold.

Director Lee let out a soft sigh and laughed.

“Alright, I can tell that you are able to understand this particular character at a profound level and prepared yourself thoroughly for this act.

From the looks of it, we’ll be able to finalize this show in no time.

Since everyone seems to be in a good mood today, why don’t we take a short breather and shoot several scenes all at the same time in the next take”

Nodding her head, Chu Xiang looked at the screenwriter with a strange expression, wondering why he was staring at her so attentively.

With sparkling eyes, the screenwriter walked towards her.

“Chu Xiang, can I add you on WeChat I wish to have a discussion with you later on regarding Xuan Ruo’s character.”

“Of course.

Xiao Tao, could you bring over my phone” Only after adding each other on WeChat and having a short conversation did Chu Xiang finally go towards the makeup area.

No matter what anyone said, one could easily tell that Chu Xiang had once stood at the peak of the entertainment industry.

Even after making her comeback, her popularity was in no way inferior to what she had before.

As one of the top-ranking female celebrities, she naturally had the entire makeup room all for herself.

While she was looking through the rest of the script, her makeup artist was on the side fixing up her makeup on her behalf.

Times like these would always serve as a moment of tranquility for her.

Out of curiosity, her makeup artist asked, “Chu Xiang, have you already read the script prior to the shoot You seemed to be quite familiar with it.”

“That’s not the case.

I’ve only received and read the script for the first time today.

Initially, I thought that I would be given two days to practice before actually acting the scenes out.

I never expected to shoot the scenes so soon.”

Her makeup artist gasped.

“In that case, your ability to memorize lines is amazing! You didn’t mess up a single time just now.

Aside from that, your performance was phenomenal! I reckon the viewers will be moved to tears upon watching the scene as it was difficult to bear even for me.”

Chu Xiang chuckled slightly.

Had she been assigned any other modern character, she would definitely have a much more difficult time understanding them.

Telling her to act as a female magic cultivator, on the other hand… it may as well be telling her to act as herself.

After all, not only had she stood in and experienced the same situation as Xuan Ruo, but she had even been a cultivator once in her previous life.

She didn’t even need to think before putting on the act.


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