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Within the span of a few minutes, Chu Xiang announced that she had already finished making her preparations.

On the other hand, Director Lee’s face turned slightly grim, thinking that she was overestimating herself.

Even so, he nevertheless remained silent for the time being and gave Chu Xiang a chance to speak with her actions.

With that, he called Guy-number-two, Cheng Jie, over and immediately began shooting the scenes.

Just as Chu Xiang entered the scene, the corners of her lips flattened out.

Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes and became one with her acting character.

Director Lee and the screenwriter, somewhat taken aback at her transformation, hinted at the others to not disturb her and pay close attention to her performance instead.

Slowly lifting her head, Chu Xiang stared straight into Cheng Jie’s eyes and said slowly with a deep voice, “You… want to kill me” With flattened lips, she revealed an indifferent yet cold expression that perfectly resonated with the faint grievance in her voice, clearly illustrating the disturbance in her heart.

Having practiced and acted out this particular scene before, Cheng Jie naturally understood how he should act.

He pointed his sword in Chu Xiang’s face.

“The two of us were never meant to be.

Had I known that you were an evil witch in the first place, I would have long since killed you.”

As if glaring straight into Cheng Jie’s soul, Chu Xiang deepened her voice even more.

“We have lived together in harmony for the past three years and even promised to cherish each other for the rest of our lives.

Could it be that everything you said to me was entirely fabricated If I were to tell you that your flesh and blood was now living in my body, how would you react”

Gradually lifting her right hand, she carefully placed her fingers on her lower abdomen and made it seem as if she was pressing down hard by bending her fingers.

With her slightly trembling fingers, she gave off a great sense of hopelessness at the same time, further enhancing the impact of the scene.

Disgusted as he was, Cheng Jie still hesitated, “No matter what you say, your magic is nevertheless a cursed existence in this world.

Even if you claim to be pregnant with our child, I would still not hesitate to slaughter two evil beings at once! Xuan Ruo, just accept your death!”

At this point, Cheng Jie had already made the resolve to kill the woman before him.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang’s cold glare had already transformed into a pair of sharp daggers as her expression turned frosty.

Just as Cheng Jie stabbed her with great killing intent, Chu Xiang suddenly retaliated with a strike of her palm.

“I will kill you!”

Caught off guard by Chu Xiang’s sudden exclamation, Cheng Jie stumbled several steps backward, on the verge of falling flat on his back.

Chu Xiang grabbed his hand and pulled him back in time.


Cheng, are you okay”

Slightly frightened, Cheng Jie looked back at her in disbelief.

“Oh, I’m fine.”

“Hey! Cheng Jie, what are you doing What did you stumble backward” Director Lee yelled as he stood up from his seat with an irritated expression.

After all, Chu Xiang had completely aced the scene.

Instead, Cheng Jie was the one who messed up the otherwise perfect take.

Cheng Jie apologized immediately, “Director Lee, I’m so sorry.

It felt as if Chu Xiang really was attempting to kill me just now.

I was really immersed in the act and couldn’t help but be frightened.

I apologize for my mistakes.

However, I’m completely fine now and will definitely succeed on the next take.

Only after he finished speaking did everyone finally react.

Was that really Chu Xiang just now Who  was the one responsible for spreading the false rumors regarding her lacking acting skills Having immersed themselves into the scene previously, no one even dared to make a single sound, much less gasp in awe, as it would have ruined the take.

From that take alone, it didn’t seem as if Chu Xiang was acting, as it was almost like she had been possessed by the Xuan Ruo in the script.

After taking another look at Chu Xiang, Director Lee exclaimed, “In the next take, we will be shooting the next scene with the one together.”

With that, the people responsible for the props and the character’s makeup stepped forward to make preparations for the next take, even squeezing in a blood bag under Chu Xiang’s clothes.

Immediately after, they started the second take all over again from the top.

Upon getting back to the scene where Cheng Jie previously messed up, Chu Xiang was stabbed in the area where the blood bag was located while Cheng Jie flew backwards from her palm strike.

Making it seem as if she remained unfazed from the stab, Chu Xiang dashed towards Cheng Jie in a flash and landed another palm strike around the area of his dantian.

“Agh!” Cheng Jie revealed a pained expression and cried in agony.

“You cursed woman! You actually dared to cripple my cultivation! I should have killed you a long time ago! A cunning witch like you deserves to die!”

Standing quietly on the spot, Chu Xiang stared blankly at Cheng Jie.

While he was still in the midst of cursing at her, she once again placed her right hand carefully on her lower abdomen and gently caressed it before striking down with her palm in the same place.

As a stream of blood drizzled down her thighs all the way towards the ground, Chu Xiang revealed a slight smile.

“From this onwards, the two of us will no longer be bound by any sort of pact.”


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