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Standing by the side, Assistant Lee did his best to erase his existence, only shooting a few glances at Lin Jiawei, who was clearly on the verge of blowing up.

After standing in place for around five minutes, Lin Jiawei finally turned around and got back into his car.

“Drive to the company!” Lin Jiawei ordered as the car engine started.

“You can also throw away these flowers.”

“Yes, President Lin,” Assistant Lee acknowledged his command, having expected the situation to turn out this way.

While Lin Jiawei had never interacted with Chu Xiang ever since their divorce, he, on the other hand, certainly had on several occasions.

Ever since Assistant Lee’s last experience with Chu Xiang — when she refused the cheque with a haughty attitude — he knew very well that Lin Jiawei would end up provoking her.

But since Lin Jiawei inherited the company at a very young age, he developed a great sense of independence early on in his life, as well as an air of arrogance.

If he hadn’t dashed head first into Chu Xiang, he would never have believed that Chu Xiang no longer loved him.

Assistant Lee heaved a deep sigh of relief.

After all, this was a rather fortunate turn of events for him as he would no longer need to suffer Chu Xiang’s reprimands.

Throughout the entire car ride, Lin Jiawei stared blankly out the window with an ashen expression.

Compared to the carefree demeanor on his way here, he appeared to be on the verge of exacting revenge.

Never throughout his entire lifetime has anyone dared to provoke him, much less in front of other people.

Even Mo Xinru would not be bold enough to do such a thing.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang had the guts to do just that.

Furthermore, this was the first time that Lin Jiawei realized that the Chu Xiang now was no longer the same as the Chu Xiang whom he knew.

It seemed to be just as she said in the interview, for both her personality and temperament had taken a complete 180 after experiencing a life and death situation.

Compared to the cute kittens that didn’t mind being teased, the wilder ones would naturally be hated by others.

As such, Lin Jiawei gave up his initial plan of getting Chu Xiang back to his side entirely.

Without thinking the matter through, he ordered, “Send some flowers over to Xiao Ru and reserve two seats at a western restaurant.

I’ll be inviting her over for lunch later.”

“Alright, I’ll make the arrangements at once.”

In the higher floors of the apartment complex, one of the trainees stood on the balcony with her phone camera in her hands.

Amidst her moment of excitement, she uploaded the video that she just took onto the internet with that following caption, “I managed to capture irrefutable evidence of Scumbag Lin begging Chu Xiang to get back with him! Xiang Xiang’s aggressive and domineering appearance is far too cool! Please marry me, Xiang Xiang!”

That female trainee was indeed one of Chu Xiang’s fans.

After discovering that Chu Xiang lived in the same apartment complex as her, she often wandered around the place, hoping to “accidentally” run into her,  get her signature, and take a photo with her.

As one of her die-hard fans, she wanted to use the video she took to prove the haters wrong, that Chu Xiang wasn’t someone who sought after money.

Of course, she also had the urge to share with everyone just how magnificently Chu Xiang dealt with Scumbag Lin.

And as expected, the entire internet burst with heated discussions upon seeing the video.

[God damn… you really get to see everything if you live long enough! I’ve always thought that Scumbag Lin and his mistress were the ones bullying Chu Xiang.

To think that Chu Xiang was actually the domineering one…!]

[What was Lin Jiawei even expecting Is he trying to act as the prodigal son Or has he finally come to a realization that the substitute was his actual true love Did his “bright moonlight” turn into a measly grain of rice]

[I want to see just how Mo Xinru is going to react and process everything in her mind when she sees this video.


[Bravo, Chu Xiang! That’s exactly how you do it! So what if he has a lot of money Should all beautiful young ladies simply obey every single word]

[Wasn’t Chu Xiang seen in an exquisite car a few days ago She’s definitely found someone better than Lin Jiawei.

Hehe… even then, all of you still think that she’s some sort of noble and righteous person]

[Oh, haters like you can just f*ck off.

I’m hella tired of seeing you lots nitpicking everything that Chu Xiang does.

Did Chu Xiang offend your family or something What does her personal life have anything to do with you At the very least, it only further proves just how charming Chu Xiang really is!]

[Although she’s gotten divorced once and attempted to commit suicide before, you still think that she’s some kind of goddess]

[Haven’t you guys gotten tired of flaming her at this point Besides, aren’t you ashamed of your brainless thoughts]

Since the video was taken with great quality, everyone could easily tell that Chu Xiang was shunning Lin Jiawei.

Furthermore, both Lin Jiawei’s satisfied and gloomy expression before and after hearing her response quickly turned into a meme online, spreading through every single corner of the internet.

Therefore, everyone began looking at the situation between Chu Xiang and Lin Jiawei from an entirely different perspective.

No one saw Chu Xiang as a mere substitute who was thrown away any longer.

In fact, ever since Chu Xiang tossed Lin Jiawei over to the side, everyone’s opinion of her had improved drastically.

The bystanders who were interested in the situation immediately joined in on the conversation.

By the time Lin Jiawei found out about the leak, the video had already spread like wildfire.


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