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“What’s strange about that Chu Xiang’s grades are average and she doesn’t participate in any of the school clubs.

There’s nothing special about her aside from being from the upper-middle class.

In contrast, Bai Xuewei is on a completely different level.

I heard that she will become the vice president of the student union next semester and she might even become the president of the student union in her junior year! She’s smart because she placed first in her major and not only does she dance well, but she is also talented with the piano.

She has a beautiful appearance and a gentle personality.

If I’m in Ye Chen’s shoes, then I would make the same decision as him and choose Bai Xuewei.”

“I don’t like Bai Xuewei.

No matter how talented and beautiful she is, it’s still immoral for her to steal her best friend’s boyfriend.

Forget it, let’s not discuss this any further since it doesn’t concern us in the slightest.”

The school buzzed with activity and gossip.

Some of the students even took a few pictures of Chu Xiang with her supercar and posted the pictures on the school forum.

Chu Xiang immediately became the center of attention as soon as she returned to school.

Chu Xiang confidently walked into the classroom and sat down on one of the seats in the front row.

Her seat was the seat closest to the teacher.

She ignored everyone else, opened her textbook, and began to carefully read over the material.

Her long hair kept falling in front of her, blocking her view of the textbook, so she pulled her hair together and tied it into a loose ponytail behind her head.

Her new appearance actually made her appear much calmer than usual.

The students attending the same class sat down one after another; the classroom buzzed with discussion and gossip.

Chu Xiang was in her own little bubble.

Whenever she was focused on something, everything around her would fade into the background.

She was solely focused on studying the English text in the textbook.

Her reading speed was quite fast; she was able to memorize everything on a page in mere minutes.

Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei arrived in the classroom.

Although neither of them was in the same major as Chu Xiang, Bai Xuewei attended the same English class as Chu Xiang.

Ye Chen walked Bai Xuewei to her class since he didn’t have class.

Their senses were quite sharp; they immediately noticed Chu Xiang sitting at the front of the classroom the moment they entered the classroom.

They froze momentarily in front of the entrance to the classroom before they looked around for a seat.

The seats located in the back of the classroom were full, so they had no choice but to sit in the second row of the classroom.

Their seats were directly behind Chu Xiang.

The whole class fell silent as they watched the three protagonists of a love triangle all sit down in one area.

The classroom was similar to that of an Asura field! The students who loved gossip already whipped out their phones and began to record the scene.

Bai Xuewei awkwardly sat there.

It was impossible for her not to notice that everyone’s attention was focused all on them.

Even so, she believed that she should say something to break the ice, so she whispered, “Xiangxiang, are you… feeling better

Chu Xiang did not respond.

Bai Xuewei tried again, “I’m sorry, Xiangxiang.

I’m truly sorry about what happened.”

Again, Chu Xiang did not respond.

Bai Xuewei lowered her head and bit her lower lips.

Her hands were tightly clenched together on the table.

No matter how anyone looked at the scene, it would appear as though she was the one being bullied.

Ye Chen frowned and held Bai Xuewei’s hand to comfort her, but his gaze was sharply fixed on Chu Xiang’s back as he said, “Chu Xiang! Xuewei is trying to talk to you!”

However, Chu Xiang still did not respond.

Ye Chen was annoyed that Chu Xiang was giving him any face in front of other students, so he reached out his arm to grab Chu Xiang’s arm.

Chu Xiang reflexively grabbed his outreached hand and slammed it against the edge of the table.

Ye Cheng let out a blood-curdling scream before he could even understand what was going on.

“Ah——let go!”

Chu Xiang finally snapped out of her trance and released his hand.

She stood up, leaned against the table, and folded her arms across her chest.

She looked at him in disgust and said, “Tsk, I thought I had accidentally broken your bone from how loudly you screamed.

But it turns out to be just a slight injury and you’re screaming like I have slaughtered a pig.”

“Chu Xiang!” Ye Chen felt humiliated as he glared at her angrily.

Bai Xuewei examined Ye Chen’s injured hand and said anxiously, “Ye Chen, we should head to the hospital to check out your injury.

Your hand is already red and swollen.

We have to make sure nothing is wrong with your hand.” Tears filled her eyes as she looked at Chu Xiang and sobbed, “Xiangxiang, I’m the one who you should be angry at, so please don’t be angry at Ye Chen.”

The English teacher opened the door to the classroom and walked in.

When he saw that they seemed to be fighting, he asked in a displeased manner, “What are you doing Why aren’t you sitting down for class If you want to argue or talk, then do it outside the classroom.”

Chu Xiang shrugged her shoulders and sat down on her seat, “Teacher, I don’t know why but the two of them have interrupted my study.

I planned on reading today’s lesson before class started, but they suddenly interfered with my study.

Oh, that’s right! This man is not from our major and isn’t supposed to be here.

Teacher, please take care of it.”


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