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Meanwhile, Uncle Dong quickly gave Chu Xiang a call, informing her about the situation and advising her to lay low for the time being.

After all, there’s bound to be that one degenerate who would purposely quote her words out of context and use it against her.

“Haha! I finally understand what it means to reach the peak of popularity.

At any moment in time, there will always be people aiming to drag me down.

They would use the words that I said, whether recently or in the past, in an attempt to cancel me.

How baffling!”

“It is what it is.

This is just how the entertainment industry works in the modern world.

It’s especially so for you since you possess such an extraordinary history.

Facing such a large number of haters is simply inevitable.

Furthermore, whether or not you decide to leave the circle, there will always be haters looking to cause trouble for you.

It’s just that there will be even more of them when you’re in the industry.”

In spite of that, Chu Xiang couldn’t care less.

“This is simply the reality of someone involved with the entertainment circle.

The response of my comeback can already be considered well-received by the public.

After all, it certainly isn’t an easy feat for a single person to receive the attention of a large crowd.

When that time comes, it also won’t be easy for them to leave that world.”

“You don’t have to care about these groundless accusations.

All we have to do is confirm that you’re indeed single and will be focusing all your attention on your career alone.

I’ll have a talk with Director Zhou later about this matter, seeing how it’s already the second time that someone captured a photo of you with him.

In the meantime, you can relax and prepare yourself for the shoot tomorrow.

You must work hard and take advantage of this rare opportunity.

After all, tomorrow’s shoot will be your first official work ever since you made your comeback.

You must do your absolute best.

If you have any other questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know.” Uncle Dong’s tone lingered with a hint of worry as he was practically repeating the same words over and over again.

Chu Xiang chuckled softly.

“I know better than anyone else what I want to do.

Uncle Dong, you can rest assured.

There’s no way I will ruin this opportunity by making a mistake online.

Anyways, you can also look forward to my other works in the future.

They will definitely also be big hits!”

“Alright, why don’t you go to bed earlier I’ll tell the PR Department to prepare an official statement.”

Immediately after hanging up the call, Uncle Dong called the employees on night shift in the PR Department and told them to write a clear statement to be published later on.

Then, he made another call to Zhou Ye and made fun of him.

“Director Zhou, I bet you can try luck at the lottery at this point.

To think that you would be caught on 4K on both occasions when you went out for dinner with Chu Xiang.”

Upon hearing how Uncle Dong wanted to write the statement, Zhou Ye quickly interrupted, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to respond in such a manner.

Aren’t you basically raising a flag What if Chu Xiang gets together with someone in the future Her haters will definitely take advantage of this statement to incite hatred on her.

Couldn’t you simply make a statement saying how everything was simply a misunderstanding”

Slightly taken aback by his response, Uncle Dong said, “But Chu Xiang has already told me that she doesn’t intend to date anyone any time soon, or at least during the few years when her popularity peaks.

Besides, we can easily brush off any scandals in the future using this statement.

When her popularity eventually cools down, and she ends up deciding to date someone, I doubt anyone would mind her decision then.”

“Chu Xiang said that she doesn’t intend to date anyone”

“Yes…” Uncle Dong replied with a slight suspicion.

‘Is that really the main problem at hand Why does the boss care so much about whether or not Chu Xiang intends to get a boyfriend’

“In that case, let’s just settle it with my statement.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Since she’s already sealed the deal with the production crew, such news will not greatly affect the final decision.”

“Alright, I’ll tell the PR Department to make the changes then.” But just before Uncle Dong hung up the call, he asked, “Director Zhou, you couldn’t have… any sort of feelings for Chu Xiang, right”

“Hehe… do you think it won’t work out”

“You’re actually serious” Uncle Dong was stupefied.

“Director Zhou, Xiao Chu is truly a wonderful child.

She wholeheartedly wants to reach the peak during this comeback of hers.

You must definitely not do anything to ruin her opportunity!”

Dumbfounded by those remarks, Zhou Ye said, “How could I possibly do that… Besides, have you ever seen me try to harm anyone You don’t have to worry about such things.”

“That’s not what I meant.

At this point, everyone should already know just how she was treated during her past year of living in the Lin Family.

Having just escaped the lion’s den, do you think she could handle going into a wolf’s lair”

“Oh, please! Your family’s a wolf’s lair! Anyways, what are you even worrying about Do you think I’m surnamed Lin Alright, I’m going to hang up now.

Just hurry up and deal with that matter online.

It won’t be good for Chu Xiang to gain even more attention than necessary as it may attract a bad reaction.

So, make sure to keep her profile low for now.”

“I understand.” After hanging up the call, Uncle Dong couldn’t help but think back on the conversation just now.

It seemed that Zhou Ye really did care about Chu Xiang.

Although he might be a reliable person overall, who knows how he would act when it came to a relationship

After pondering for a moment, Uncle Dong was still quite restless.

As soon as he sent out the public statement according to Zhou Ye’s wishes, he decided to give Chu Xiang another call.


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