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After a while of chatting, the director lifted his glass of wine in a toast.

“Here’s a toast to thank Director Zhou for investing in our show and solving one of our problems! You can be rest assured since Xiao Chu will be under our production team’s care.

I guarantee that her role in the show will be a success!”

Zhou Ye let out a laugh and toasted to the director.

“Surely, you’re exaggerating, Director Lee.

After all, your production crew is made up of such outstanding individuals.

Naturally, everyone would be competing to invest in this show.

It’s only a pity for everyone else that I managed to snatch the opportunity away first.

I’ve already looked through this work thoroughly, so if you have any other requirements or demands, don’t hesitate to let me know.” He then shifted his gaze towards Chu Xiang and said, “Chu Xiang has been taking many acting classes ever since she signed with the company.

Seeing her recent performance in acting, I’d say that she won’t delay the filming of your show in any way, shape, or form.

So, Director Lee can be at ease in that aspect.

When the time comes, I hope that Director Lee will give pointers to the actors and actresses.

After all, good actors and actresses are usually honed by great directors.

Don’t you think so too”

“What Director Zhou said is true.

As the saying goes, a piece of uncut jade will not be able to show its true beauty.

Xiao Chu is that piece of uncut jade with endless potential.

I will definitely keep a close eye on her and make her role a success.”

Despite only gulping down a single glass of wine, Director Lee already appeared to be quite drunk, but he was still rejoicing over receiving Director Zhou’s help.

As for Chu Xiang’s acting skills, no one would believe it if they claimed Chu Xiang would do an excellent job in that aspect, even if they were to say it to her die-hard fans.

However, Zhou Ye knew what he was doing when he invested a large sum of funds into Chu Xiang for being part of a show.

Although she was only taking the role of Girl-number-three, then so be it.

Not only did she have a beautiful face, but she was even a perfect fit for the character she was going to act as.

In order to save Zhou Ye’s face, everyone in the dinner banquet showered Chu Xiang with a few words of praise.

However, Chu Xiang could notice the insincerity in their tone.

In spite of that, she paid little attention to them.

Now that she finally obtained an opportunity to act in a show, it would all come down to her own ability to prove their doubts wrong.

Besides, she was already quite confident in her acting skills.

After the dinner banquet, Zhou Ye called his driver over and ordered him to take her back home first.

Drinking down his hangover soup, he tilted his head and looked at Chu Xiang with a smile.

“You have certainly given me quite the shock today.

It seems that I wasn’t needed here in the first place.

You would have most likely gotten the role even if you came here by yourself.

Where did you even learn to speak in such a slick yet sly manner”

“People are born with their own unique innate abilities.

Speaking just so happened to be one of mine.” Leaning against the window of the car, she looked out at the midnight scene and continued, “I only managed to receive this role because of Director Zhou.

However, all the other roles in the future will be obtained with my own ability.”

Such words were usually said out of one’s stubbornness.

However, it also greatly depended on one’s tone.

Hearing Chu Xiang saying those words in such a flat tone, it sounded as if she was asserting it as an inevitable fact.

Zhou Ye couldn’t help but be taken aback by the strength behind her words.

Only people with great self-confidence were capable of uttering such an ambitious statement.

She made it seem like it was only a matter of time before she accomplished such a feat.

“Hahaha! Chu Xiang, just how many more surprises do you have up your sleeves You really do seem to be the treasured girl that everyone on the internet is calling you to be.

I can never understand what’s going on in that mind of yours.

You’re just like a treasure box that can never be fully dug out, revealing pleasant surprises at each turn.”

“How long are you going to keep flattering me Did you notice that searing gaze shot towards me by the female lead just now You seem to have pulled me into quite a troubling position.

I reckon that they’re all racking their brains and thinking of ways to lessen my screen time right now.”

Tapping his fingers on his knee lightly, Zhou Ye exclaimed without hesitation, “I believe in you.

Besides, you’re quickly turning into a queen who regularly causes the ones scorning at you to slap themselves in the face.

I’m definitely looking forward to your performance in the show.”

“I’m also looking forward to it! I can’t wait to finally act in an actual show!”

Chu Xiang revealed a gentle smile.

She had indeed waited a long time for an opportunity to act as a whole different person in a show, believing that it would be an exciting experience for her.

Moreover, Girl-number-three just so happened to be acting the role of a magic cultivator.

Thus, wouldn’t she just have to act as her original self in this show When the time came, see if there was still anyone blind enough to claim that her acting skills were lacking.

When Zhou Ye sent Chu Xiang off at the bottom floor of her residence, a snitch who was crouching on the outskirts of the apartment immediately took the opportunity to snap several photos, believing to have just witnessed and gotten himself a huge scoop in the middle of the night!


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