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Since Chu Xiang was currently working for Zhou Ye, he could no longer intervene with her matters directly.

Thus, he had no choice but to give Zhou Ye a call.

“Zhou Ye, I’m Lin Jiawei.”

The man in question was currently playing video games in his office.

He answered the call with an open mic while focusing on the game.

“President Lin I don’t think we have any sort of cooperation going on.

What do you want”

Walking towards his open window, Lin Jiawei stared into the sky.

“Zhou Ye, why did you sign Chu Xiang You must definitely be well-aware of what’s going on right now.

Did you have a reason for causing such an ugly scene While I’m willing to fight head-on with you through the business world, these dirty little tricks you resorted to this time were far too unsightly.”

Moving his game controller around wildly, Zhou Ye laughed.

“Dirty little tricks President Lin, surely you’re talking about yourself, right Did you think I wouldn’t find out about how you snuck someone into the live broadcast to cause trouble for Chu Xiang, hired spammers to spam hate comments about Chu Xiang, deleted the comments going after you online, and even sent a cheque over to Chu Xiang Without even taking a single glance, one can tell just how experienced you are with such dirty tricks.

No matter what I do, I certainly won’t be able to one-up you regarding this aspect, so how could you accuse me of resorting to such dirty tricks Don’t you think causing a much bigger scene would be more suitable for a person like me”

Hearing the intense sounds of the video game playing in the background, Lin Jiawei’s expression turned ashen, feeling as if he was being looked down on.

“Zhou Ye, are you really dead set on supporting Chu Xiang”

“Of course! After all, Chu Xiang is my precious treasure who will become the main and largest source of income for my company in the future.

Now that I think about it, I’ll have to thank you, President Lin.

Had you not thrown the melon to the side for a mere sesame seed, how would I have been able to discover such a treasure” Zhou Ye snickered.

One could already guess the expression on Lin Jiawei’s face right now.

Lin Jiawei suddenly raised his voice.

“You dare compare Xiao Ru to a mere sesame seed! Xiao Ru is simply on another level when compared to Chu Xiang!”

“Huh President Lin, did you call me to start a fight with me How could you do that Have you not graduated from kindergarten yet Don’t you hear how busy I am right now I don’t have the time to deal with your nonsense.

Why don’t you spend more time with that sesame seed of yours instead of wasting my time here”

“Director Zhou, did you call for me” Chu Xiang called from the side.

Seeing how the door was open, she had already knocked three times before walking into the office.

Immediately after hearing Chu Xiang’s voice, Lin Jiawei quickly hung up the call.

But just before the call ended, he just so happened to hear the sound of victory from the video game playing in the background, as if ridiculing him.

Fuming, he tossed his phone onto the table and took in a deep breath to calm himself down.

Turning around, he noticed that Mo Xinru was standing at the entrance of the resting area.

Mo Xinru questioned him coldly, “You gave Zhou Ye a call Did you want him to deal with Chu Xiang since you’re unable to do so”

Lin Jiawei leered at her with squinted eyes.

“What do you mean by that Is it wrong for me to call him just because Chu Xiang works at his company And what about you Are you still thinking about him even after all this time”

“Stop spouting nonsense! Besides, do you really think it’s worth it to ask Zhou Ye for help to deal with an individual as insignificant as Chu Xiang Don’t you think you’re losing face by doing so Well… I certainly am!”

“Worth it Are you trying to say that you would ask Zhou Ye for help only when there’s a dire situation Mo Xinru, will I always be inferior to Zhou Ye in your heart When you asked me to deal with Chu Xiang, why didn’t you say the same thing then Why didn’t you say that it would be a waste of my time to deal with her”

Mo Xinru replied with the utmost confidence, “Weren’t you the one who provoked Chu Xiang in the first place Lin Jiawei, didn’t you say you were going to protect me from harm forever Since this entire problem was caused by you, shouldn’t you be the one to deal with it”

Slumping down on his office chair, Lin Jiawei avoided eye contact.

“I do not want to have a fight with you.

Why don’t you just go home for now Let’s try to calm our heads down first.”

Harrowed by his response, Mo Xinru walked in front of him, disbelieving.

“Now, you want to chase me away What do you mean by this Are you angry at me”

Lin Jiawei nonchalantly opened one of his documents.

“I think you ought to consider who you actually want to live the rest of your life with.

I never want to hear you utter Zhou Ye’s name ever again.”


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