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Chu Xiang was still a sophomore, so after she interned two days at the company, Fang Qing reminded her to head back to school soon.

Chu Xiang didn’t have many courses, so she could still intern at the company when she was free.

Chu Xiang immediately agreed to head back to school.

She had never attended school before, so it would be nice to experience campus life.

It was impossible for her to understand the inner workings of the company overnight, and her parents were in no hurry for her to start working for the company.

She had plenty of time to experience the wonders of this world.

The original owner of the body and Bai Xuewei always went to school using the Chu Family car.

The car was very low-profiled, so not many students knew about Chu Xiang’s family background; they only knew that she came from a wealthy family.

In contrast, Ye Chen often drove a sports car to school, so the students at the school believed that he came from an extremely wealthy family.

Ye Chen was not only handsome, but he was extremely athletic.

Everyone at school believed that Chu Xiang was only after Ye Chen because of his good looks and wealth.

However, Chu Xiang was not one to keep a low-profile.

On her first day back to school, she drove a fiery red supercar to school.

This car was gifted to the original owner of the body by Chu Dongqi on her eighteenth birthday.

The original owner of the body didn’t really care for cars nor did she like to drive them.

As a result, she either used the low-profile family car with Bai Xuewei or headed to school with Ye Chen in his car.

She almost never went to school alone.

Chu Xiang fell in love with the red supercar the moment she saw it when she entered the garage.

Her favorite color was red, and the red supercar was simply more beautiful than any of the magical weapons she owned in the past! Chu Xiang took the red supercar for a test drive around the villa’s garden.

After she familiarized herself with the car, she drove the car straight to school.

It was practically impossible for Chu Xiang to cultivate in this world because the spiritual energy in this world was extremely thin.

The most she could do was to absorb a small amount of spiritual energy to nourish her body.

However, her divine sense was not affected by her sudden transmigration; she was still able to learn everything quickly.

For example, it may take a person a minute to solve a problem while it will only take her a mere second.

As such, she didn’t encounter any obstacle when learning and getting used to modern technology.

This was her first time driving her car and she was already speeding through the road.

Luckily for her, her speed was slightly below the speed limit, so she didn’t get pulled over.

Classes just ended, so there was a brief break between classes.

Some of the students who have just finished their classes would return to the dormitory to rest or head to the library to read some books.

When Chu Xiang’s supercar pulled up to the school gate, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Chu Xiang found a parking spot nearby and parked the car there.

The students gathered around and started gossiping.

They were curious about who the supercar belonged to.

She changed from her flats into a pair of eight centimeter long high heels and slowly got out of the car.

Her hair dyed in a rose-pink gradation and it was styled in the most popular hairstyle in Korea.

This hair color was the favorite color of one of Korea’s top girl groups.

Chu Xiang’s hair glistened under the sun; it was more beautiful than any jewel in this world.

She was wearing a plain white V-neck T-shirt and a pair of black trousers.

Her outfit was classy, and it undoubtedly revealed her gracious figure.

Chu Xiang’s figure and appearance did not lose to the popular idols and actresses in the entertainment industry, instead, her beauty far exceeded them.

Chu Xiang also had a strong and imposing aura shrouded around her; she was like a butterfly she had just been reborn into a butterfly.

In short, she looked completely different from her past.

Chu Xiang was accustomed to having people stare at her because even in her previous world, she had always been the center of attention.

After she parked and locked her car, she headed for the school building where her English class was taught.

The original owner of the body naturally knew how to speak English, but this language was still very new to Chu Xiang.

She was looking forward to her English class.

Someone suddenly recognized her and cried out in surprise.

She covered her mouth and whispered to the person standing next to her, “Isn’t that person Chu Xiang Didn’t someone in the school forum report that she was still in the hospital recuperating after she got alcohol poisoning from over drinking How did she recover so quickly”

“People who are wealthy are always treated better.

Just look at her car, how much do you think it cost I didn’t know that Chu Xiang was extremely wealthy.”

“Could it be that Ye Chen compensated her with that car I heard that she drank until she was sent to the hospital after being dumped by Ye Chen.

According to those TV shows we’ve watched, Ye Chen must’ve given her a big check as a break-up fee, right”

“Either way, I never knew that she was that wealthy.

But talking about this topic, I have to say that Bai Xuewei was quite the amazing one.

She managed to snatch Ye Chen from her!”


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