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Mo breathed out a heavy sigh and advised, “You’re already a grown adult.

You should understand what you should and shouldn’t do.

Since our family no longer has the assets to allow you to do whatever you want, when Jiawei treats you well, you will also have to focus all your efforts on him alone.

Make sure to not think of anything else.”

“I never harbored such thoughts in the first place.

I will move into Jiawei’s house soon, so don’t worry.” Mo Xinru quickly replied, not wanting to hear her mother’s ramblings any longer.

Immediately after, she packed up her luggage and went over to the residence where she and Lin Jiawei decided to live together.

The one frustration lingering in her heart was related to Zhou Ye.

As the director of Glorious Star Entertainment, he would definitely have paid close attention to Chu Xiang’s matters and seen how the online users have criticized her mercilessly.

Rather than the constant barrage of insults, Mo Xinru found Zhou Ye’s ignorance of this situation to be even more difficult for her to bear.

‘Chu Xiang! This all happened because of that b*tch, Chu Xiang!’

Having been backed into a corner, Mo Xinru decided to spend money on hiring some people to spam hate messages about Chu Xiang online, wishing for her death.

If she could force Chu Xiang out of the entertainment industry, she was willing to give ten times more than the original amount of money.

The spammers were naturally elated upon receiving this job.

After all, Chu Xiang was once an idol who stood at the peak of the entertainment industry.

As such, she had about the same number of fans and haters.

Without even needing to dig deep into her past, they could simply use whatever arguments were currently being used by haters to spam hate messages.

How could they not be excited to earn such easy money

With that, the entire forum erupted with hate comments that targeted Chu Xiang alone.

[Neither President Lin nor Lady Mo has come out in public to speak about this matter.

All the so-called “evidence”  is based solely on Chu Xiang’s words.

How could all you idiots believe in such obvious lies]

[Now that the topic has strayed towards the entire family, Chu Xiang could only act innocent and miserable to gain the empathy and pity of others.

To think that she would stoop so low to gain support…]

[Everyone, don’t you see how Chu Xiang is only talking big and babbling nonsense From my perspective, it seems that she simply wants to clear the misunderstanding between her and the Mo Family before things get too out of hand.

Otherwise, if the Mo Family were to come clear and deny their connection to Chu Xiang, she would simply lose all face.]

[It seems that being a daughter-in-law in a wealthy family isn’t that easy.

Chu Xiang is simply a white lotus stained by her greed for money.

How wonderful of her to agree to a property notarization before marriage! Perhaps she thought that she would be able to earn money during her time in the Lin Family.

On the other hand, she ended up being abandoned by them! She simply got what she deserved!]

As soon as the spammers attempted to take control of the rhythm, Chu Xiang’s haters quickly chimed in and overwhelmed the discussion.

Using various kinds of underhanded techniques and false information, they created a billowing smoke in the midst of the forum.

Not willing to be outdone by the haters, Chu Xiang’s fans used solid evidence and sound reasoning to retort the haters’ unreasonable claims.

Many of the online bypassers also began to join in on the discussion to support Chu Xiang.

Although the spammers had already received quite a sum of money, Mo Xinru lured them in deeper with ten times the original amount.

Naturally, they did whatever they could to tarnish Chu Xiang’s reputation.

Although their remarks, which lacked any evidence, did not have any effect whatsoever on the neutral users, it could still greatly affect Chu Xiang’s career.

Similar to Zhu Yujia, if Chu Xiang were to continuously receive hate online, no advertising company would want to offer her a job.

At that moment, the PR Department of the Glorious Star Entertainment was forced back to the company for overtime.

Facing the large scale of haters online, they naturally had to put in great effort to fight back.

They purposely asked several of Chu Xiang’s biggest fans to inform the other fans to stay quiet for the time being.

For now, they would simply let the dregs of society display their lack of IQ to the public.

During this time, the arguments of the passers-by were quickly overwhelmed and washed away by the stream of hate comments.

It seemed as if Chu Xiang’s image had been turned entirely black all over the web.

Although the increasingly violent comments still flooded the forums, none of the spammers had any solid evidence on their claims.

The online users weren’t foolish enough to be controlled by the haters either.

After all, how could it be so easy to gain control of the narrative Furthermore, the more unreasonable the comments of the haters became, the easier it would be for her fans to bounce back with sound claims later.

Even the passers-by who didn’t necessarily like Chu Xiang couldn’t watch the nonsense of an argument any longer.

Did Chu Xiang’s fans purposely wait for this moment to deal a fatal blow to the haters Even so, did the haters have loose screws in their heads for not thinking about such a possibility

During this period, Mo Xinru could not understand what was happening in the online forums.

No matter what discussion she opened, it would be filled entirely with hate comments.

However, she nevertheless felt a great sense of relief and concluded that she did indeed take the right step forward.

Even if Zhou Ye was paying close attention to this matter, he would only witness the negative comments of Chu Xiang — none of Mo Xinru’s own ones.


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