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Immediately after, Uncle Dong called Chu Xiang.

“This matter is connected to you and touches upon a rather sensitive topic.

Should we air it to the public and expose them”

Chu Xiang sneered.

“So it was Lin Jiawei’s doing all along… I knew something was fishy about this situation.

I guarantee that this matter will not end with just a single attempt as he will definitely come to look for trouble again sooner or later.

When that time comes, everyone will witness first-hand just how despicable and lowly of a person he really is.

You won’t need to take action for now.

Just sit back and enjoy the show.”

He recalled how Zhou Ye mentioned that she had a deep grudge against someone and laughed.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

“Thank you, Uncle Dong.

I understand just how relaxed you have been before taking me under your guidance.

You might as well have been considered retired.

But now, you’re taking matters into your own hands and working so hard once again for my sake.

Surely, it must have taken a toll on you by now.

For that, I would like to thank you sincerely.”

“Haha! You just need to keep working hard.

Let me deal with all the other matters.

That is part of my job after all.”

“In that case, I’ll be congratulating you beforehand for when we finally reach and stand at the peak of the entertainment industry,” Chu Xiang said with a soft chuckle.

“I wish the same to you.


With that, Uncle Dong arranged for his men to spread the news — exposing Lin Jiawei’s underhanded methods — slowly instead of doing so all in a single evening.

This would even provide a hint of suspense that would gradually gain more attention over the duration of the matter.

Upon receiving his order, the PR Department created a photo comparing Zhu Yujia and Chu Xiang, purposely angled in a way that made them resemble one another.

After doing so, they immediately posted it on the forum.

[Am I the blind one here, or do the two of them actually look quite alike]

[Don’t tell me this entire situation was actually a catfight between two sisters]

[That shouldn’t be right.

Wasn’t Chu Xiang originally an orphan without any siblings Don’t flame me for coming up with a conspiracy theory, but I actually came up with a plausible explanation.

Is it possible that they actually had the same father but were borne by different mothers]

[Surely, you’re overthinking it.

However, I have certainly been brainwashed by your reasonable explanation.

Now, my entire mind is filled with nothing but speculations regarding household grudges and the quarrels between the two sisters.]

[Umm… I’m not sure whether I should say this or not but… if there’s a possibility that Zhu Yujia and Chu Xing might be sisters of the same blood… then Mo Xinru and Chu Xiang…]

[Wait a minute… since they look extremely alike… could they possibly be…]

[If I may express my honest opinion, they don’t look alike whatsoever! From my perspective, Chu Xiang is, by far, the most beautiful out of the three of them.

And yes, I have already fallen into the rabbit hole.

Besides, they certainly can’t be blood-related.

Zhu Yujia and Mo Xinru’s personalities are trash when compared to Chu Xiang’s.]

Since Zhu Yujia and Mo Xinru were both blood-related cousins, Zhu Yujia, who looked somewhat similar to her, naturally just so happened to have a few similar facial features with Chu Xiang when compared side-to-side.

With that, the conversation steered towards Mo Xinru’s direction.

After fermenting over the past night, this particular matter simmered down.

Uncle Dong then released the news about how Zhu Yujia was actually Mo Xinru’s blood-related cousin.

In contrast to the catfight that they previously speculated, a ridiculous turn of events surfaced into the forums that even the users could never have possibly thought of.

With the news of Zhu Yujia being related to Mo Xinru, everyone could now piece the puzzle together.

[No wonder Zhu Yujia was targeting Chu Xiang.

It turns out that she’s actually the cousin of the mistress.]

[The two cousins are certainly jackals of the same family.

Weren’t there rumors going around about how Zhu Yujia had suddenly replaced the initial guest It couldn’t be that the mistress had actually sent her over to bully Chu Xiang, right]

[To hell with those rich bastards! To think that she would attempt to bully someone with money! However, the outcome ended up as a satisfaction to everyone.

Not only did Zhu Yujia fail to follow through with the original scheme, but she has even been exposed doing so! That mistress of a cousin must definitely be furious with her right now.]


On the other end, Zhu Yujia who stayed hidden in her house immediately called Mo Xinru in a panic upon receiving news of the situation.

“Sister, what should I do now… The entire internet is scolding and throwing insults at me even though I was clearly the one who suffered an injury! How did things turn out like this”

Mo Xinru choked in her words.

“W-Who told you to target her in such an obvious manner How far could a mere small celebrity like her run anyways Since you caused such a ruckus, everyone is now speculating that I was the one who asked you to bully Chu Xiang! How are you going to make up for this!”

Rendered speechless for a moment, Zhu Yujia replied with a soft voice, “Am I not also a small celebrity And Brother Jiawei was the one who ordered me to do so…”

As soon as Zhu Yujia hung up the call, Mo Xinru snorted coldly and cursed aloud.

Even her other family members could tell that she wasn’t exactly delighted with this sudden turn of events.

How baffling indeed!


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