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The same Xiang fan who accused Zhu Yujia of such continued to stubbornly search for more evidence.

Meanwhile, another Xiang fan reached out to a professional and slowed down that particular scene of the live broadcast.

After watching the video frame-by-frame in slow motion, they finally concluded that Zhu Yujia had attempted to trip Chu Xiang on purpose.

As if Zhu Yujia’s intentions weren’t already clear enough, before she stumbled to the ground, her gaze was clearly fixed on Chu Xiang’s legs!

That particular Xiang fan immediately uploaded the video in slow motion and the screenshot onto the forum with the following caption: [The evidence that you’re all looking for is finally here! Why don’t you take a careful look and see what Zhu Yujia was trying to do]

Having received the evidence that they asked for, Zhu Yujia’s fans were extremely embarrassed.

As for the Xiang fans, they had successfully obtained justice for Chu Xiang.

She had initially participated in the live broadcast with good intentions, so why was she targeted

The other users who knew practically nothing about Chu Xiang and her past simultaneously asked the same question: [Why do so many people dislike Chu Xiang]

All of Chu Xiang’s haters sneakily entered the forum.

[As the saying goes, houseflies will not horde around a seamless egg.

Similarly, Chu Xiang’s haters will no longer be around if she does nothing wrong.]

[There will always be a few people who dislike her for no reason whatsoever.

If there happens to be a whole group who feels the same way, then she must have naturally done something wrong.]

[Didn’t we already explain how she was merely an arrogant lady who looks down on everyone else and only worships money Judging from that personality of hers, her persona in the live broadcasts must have been fabricated.

Don’t you guys see how she will do anything for money]

Where there was light, there would always be shadow.

Since Chu Xiang had been gaining a lot of fans over the past several broadcasts, her horde of haters had naturally increased at the same time.

[Those baseless allegations are nothing but mere rumors.

Anyways, everyone, let’s keep forwarding and spreading this post around! Zhu Yujia must receive the consequences of her actions!]

[Wow, you’re all so great at directing the guilt towards the victim! Have you guys finally finished writing your kindergarten essays Why don’t you guys go and read more books instead of displaying your impressive lack of IQ]

[I may not know why Zhu Yujia was targeting Xiang Xiang.

However, I do know that you haters are all green with envy.

Well… I can’t really blame you guys either since our Xiang Xiang certainly has everything that you could ever want in life.

Not only does she possess magnificent qualities in various aspects, but she is even a successful person who made it big in the entertainment industry.

No matter what you do, you will never hope to live as good of a life as hers.

After all, brainless bastards like you guys can never succeed at anything in life!]

Having appeared for a brief moment in the heated discussion, Zhu Yujia’s name was quickly forgotten and overshadowed.

On the other hand, the battlefield had turned to the war between Chu Xiang’s fans and haters.

While the haters continued to accuse Chu Xiang with baseless rumors, her fans countered by mentioning her good qualities as a person with solid evidence.

How could her fans not be infatuated with her This was especially so after she said: “My dear babies, I will always be here~”

Chu Xiang’s legion equipped themselves with shining armor and weapons and voluntarily went to war.

From then on, they would never allow her haters to slander her in an unbridled manner ever again — not even a single insult.

Since the Xiang fans could refute the hater’s baseless allegations with an endless stream of solid proof and evidence, it essentially showed just how honest, kind hearted, and outstanding of a person and celebrity she really was.

At this point, the users who were spectating from the side gradually sided with her fans.

As the discussion continued, some of the Xiang fans began pondering about Zhu Yujia’s rude attitude towards Chu Xiang once again as something seemed quite fishy about the matter.

They couldn’t help but wonder if someone hated Chu Xiang and was trying to hold her back behind the scenes.

The PR Department of Glorious Star Entertainment had already been following the heated discussions and sneakily controlling the situation with multiple accounts.

After all, this was a good opportunity for them to reduce the morale of the opposition.

Uncle Dong, also watching the discussion from his end, increased the speed at which they gathered information about Zhu Yujia’s background.

From the words of his close acquaintances, he discovered that Zhu Yujia received the opportunity to enter the entertainment industry via Lin Jiawei’s influence.

With that, he finally pieced the puzzle.

Lin Jiawei had most likely replaced one of the esteemed guests with Zhu Yujia and ordered her to target Chu Xiang.

Perhaps he did this with the goal of preventing Chu Xiang from making a successful comeback into the entertainment industry.

Wondering why Lin Jiawei would help someone like Zhu Yujia get into the entertainment industry in the first place, Uncle Dong investigated their connections even further.

Eventually, he found out that Zhu Yujia was actually Mo Xinru’s cousin!


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