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Ye Chen was at a loss for a moment.

He quickly snapped out of his trance and walked towards Ye Zhenhong.

He sat down on the sofa and said, “Dad, are you sure you’re not over exaggerating When I was still a child, the Chu Family was doing worse than our Ye Family.

If the Chu Family had grown exponentially after the merge, why can’t we lead our Ye Company to new heights too There are a lot of companies out there, so why do we need to cooperate with the Chu Family”

“That’s easy for you to say because you don’t know anything! You only know how to fool around with a housekeeper’s daughter!”

Ye Chen abruptly stood up.

The expression on his face was ugly while he said, “Dad, don’t talk like that.

Don’t address her as a housekeeper’s daughter, she has a name.

In addition to that, I’m not fooling around with her.

Xuewei and I are in true love.”

Ye Zhenhong sneered at him, “The two of you are in true love Did you think that Bai Ling will no longer be a servant anymore now that she left the Chu Family Do you believe that Bai Xuewei will become a real lady just because she follows Xiang Xiang around The Chu Family was kind enough to give the mother and daughter pair a place to live.

Instead of repaying their kindness, they stabbed the Chu Family in the back.

Have you lost your mind Why would you mingle with people like them If they are willing to stab the Chu Family in the back today, then they can stab the Ye Family in the back in the future.

Let me be clear, Bai Xuewei is only after your status and money!”

“Dad, can you stop being materialistic It doesn’t mean that true love doesn’t exist just because you and mom don’t have feelings for each other.

I’m the one who took the initiative to chase after Xuewei.

Xuewei kept rejecting my advances because she felt guilty towards Chu Xiang.

Even when we finally profess our love for one another, she still feels like she was the one to blame even though I’m the one who kept chasing after her.

She is not that kind of person; she’s not materialistic,” Ye Chen retorted his father’s words in disdain.

He didn’t believe his father’s theory that Bai Xuewei was a gold digger at all.

Ye Zhenhong snorted coldly, “You’re already 20 years old, but you’re still acting like a damn fool.

You don’t even know how to repent after causing such a big disaster to fall upon our family.

Let me be clear to you, I will not accept any other women as the daughter-in-law of our Ye Family beside Chu Xiang.

I want you to immediately send that housekeeper’s daughter away.

I don’t care if she moves to another part of the country or goes abroad or how much money you have to pay her as compensation.

I want her gone so that Chu Xiang won’t have to ever see her again.

Handle this matter as soon as possible so that the Chu Family will be able to see your sincerity.

This way, they might change their mind and cooperate with us again.

You still have an opportunity to redeem yourself if you act quickly.”

“If you like Chu Xiang, then you can go marry her.

I can’t stand her clingy and tough personality; I like Xuewei’s reasonable and kind character.

I don’t care if she’s the daughter of a housekeeper because I will love her even if she’s the daughter of a beggar.

You’re the president of a large corporation, so do you really have to sacrifice your son’s happiness to further your business agenda I will not marry a woman for business gains like you and mom did because it’ll only create an unhappy family.

I will marry the woman I love, and no one can force me to do so otherwise.”

Ye Chen stood up and strode out of the office.

He actually believed that Chu Xiang had given up on him, but it seemed like Chu Xiang had found another method to push him towards her.

It seemed like she had used their elders to push him to break up with Bai Xuewei.

The more they objected, the more he wanted to marry Bai Xuewei.

So, what if the Chu Family didn’t want to cooperate with the Ye Family on future business ventures Ever since the day he wanted to annul his engagement with Chu Xiang, he already knew that their families will never be able to co-exist peacefully anymore.

There were more corporations out there that would be willing to work together with the Ye Family.

He didn’t believe that the Ye Family would go bankrupt without the Chu Family.

If he relented and compromised with them, then wouldn’t he be forced to do the Chu Family’s bidding for the rest of his life He didn’t want to coax and please a spoiled little princess like Chu Xiang every day in the future, instead, he wanted to marry a woman he loved.

He had already made up his mind and will not compromise on his marriage.

Ye Zhenhong became furious after Ye Chen left.

None of the employees working in the company dared to speak up or even breathe too loudly in front of Ye Zhenhong.

It was a pity that the project that they were working with the Chu Family had fallen through.

The employees believed that the Ye Family’s heir was too naive.

Ye Chen was also in a  bad mood.

He headed straight to school to look for Chu Xiang, only to learn that Chu Xiang never attended class today.

Then, he drove to the Chu Family villa and learned from the guard that Chu Xiang was not in the villa.

Ye Chen had nowhere to vent the anger that had accumulated over the days, so he kicked his car violently and called a bunch of his wealthy friends to head to a bar to drink.

Today was Chu Xiang’s first day working at the company as an intern.

She followed Fang Qing around and became slowly acquainted with the company’s current situation.

Later, she sat down with the secretary and learned the most basic things she needed to know from her.

While she was studying with the secretary, Sister Wang called her and informed her that Ye Chen had gone to the Chu Family villa today.

Chu Xiang replied indifferently, “You don’t need to inform me about Ye Chen in the future.

You can just send him packing if he comes to the Chu Family villa.”

She knew that since she was the only heir to the East Corporation, she will be fully in charge of it in the future.

So, her mind was slowly absorbing the company’s data and information at the moment.

How would she have the time to deal with her former fiancé who was a scumbag


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