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In Glorious Star Entertainment — or any other entertainment company in general — it  would be nigh impossible and unreasonable for celebrities who have just signed with the company to request for their pay in advance.

But since Chu Xiang had already proven her value to the company in the past two live broadcasts, in addition to being personally signed into the company by Zhou Ye himself, Uncle Dong decided to speak with Zhou Ye regarding the matter on behalf of Chu Xiang.


Slightly astonished, Zhou Ye asked out of curiosity, “Chu Xiang wants to invest What does she want to invest in”

Uncle Dong shook his head.

“She did not tell me anything in detail regarding that matter.

However, she appeared to be quite confident with her decision.

Even if the company refuses to fulfill her personal request, she will most definitely find another solution elsewhere.”

Spinning a pen around his hand, Zhou Ye revealed a playful smile.

“On that day when I talked to Chu Xiang and signed her into the company, I noticed that she seemed to be holding a deep grudge against someone.

Investing Surely, she isn’t trying to play with Lin Jiawei behind the scenes, right After all, that isn’t something that just anyone can accomplish successfully.” He pondered over it.

“Alright, pay her five million yuan in advance.

I also want to see just how good her ‘investing’ game really is.

Anyways, how do you think she’s going to develop as a person in the future I truly hope I didn’t make a mistake and assign the wrong person to you.”

“Chu Xiang’s future looks extremely promising.

I’m confident that I can bring her up to the top of the industry.

As long as she continues to put in her best and wholeheartedly strives to improve herself, she has the potential to surpass the other celebrities whom I had guided in the past,” Uncle Dong’s smile was genuine as a blaze ignited in his eyes.

Zhou Ye was slightly taken aback at his confidence.

After Uncle Dong finally left the room, Zhou Ye slumped down on his couch and turned on the recording of Chu Xiang’s most recent live broadcast.

Not long after doing so, he had already burst out laughing.

After all, he never expected Chu Xiang of all people to act in such a manner.

This side of her was completely different from the time he first met her as the young lady of the Lin Family during their first meal together.

How many faces did this young lady really have In spite of that, the Chu Xiang in the live broadcast was nevertheless quite an interesting and amusing character, to say the least.


Meanwhile, Chu Xiang was also watching the recording of her most recent live broadcast.

Hanging her tablet on a stand in front of her, she laid comfortably in the bathtub and could not help but laugh as she scrolled through the viewers’ comments.

Before participating in her last two live broadcasts, she had looked through many other recordings of the same kinds of shows and analyzed how the hosts of the show acted in various situations.

After somewhat mimicking their actions during her past two live broadcasts, she decided to continue acting the same way for now as the feedback and reactions of the viewers seemed to be mostly positive.

She received a notice from Uncle Dong and saw that seven million yuan had been transferred into her personal bank account.

Adding the two million or so yuan that she had previously invested in stocks and the money she initially had in her savings account, her current net worth had already surpassed ten million yuan.

After transferring ten million yuan into another bank account, there was less than ten thousand yuan left in her personal bank account.

With a slight knit of her eyebrows, she contacted another person.

One doesn’t necessarily invest solely using money.

After investing all ten million yuan in an inevitably successful entrepreneur, she invested in other companies by proposing her own plans and ideas.

With that, she now owned the shares in six different corporations.

However, the fruition of her plan naturally required time — as did the bonuses and dividends.

While Chu Xiang negotiated her plans with the higher-ups of the companies, one of her fans, who had re-watched the recording of her most recent live broadcast spotted something amiss with her keen eyes.

She noticed how Zhu Yujia had glared at Chu Xiang twice before “accidentally” stumbling at her feet.

The particular fan accused Zhu Yujia on the forum for purposely wanting to screw Chu Xiang over during the live broadcast.

The other users on the forum were naturally astonished.

After all, they didn’t think anyone would scheme and harbor wicked thoughts against one another in such a carefree program.

However, as ones who loved being a part of drama online, quite a large number of users joined the heated discussion.

[I don’t think there’s anything going on between Zhu Yujia and Chu Xiang.

Surely, this must have just been a coincidence.]

[A coincidence indeed… Aside from that one incident, Zhu Yujia had almost pounced onto Chu Xiang at one point during the first mission.

Furthermore, didn’t it seem as if she was chasing after Chu Xiang near the end Am I looking too deep into the situation]

[Do you Xiang fans have a problem So what if Jia Jia glared at her twice Is she not allowed to look at someone else, you delusional bastards]

[That’s right.

It might have just been the angle of the camera shot that made it seem that way.

What’s so strange about it Look how big of a deal Chu Xiang has become after coming back out from retirement.

Her fans have even started to make up conspiracy theories.

Oh, poor Jia Jia…]

[If you have the evidence, then just show it to us! Why are you even trying to accuse Jia Jia with such ridiculous speculations Besides, wasn’t Jia Jia the one who suffered an injury Why are you guys even trying to escalate the situation and create more unnecessary drama]


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