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[They will gain so much from achieving first-place.

Hadn’t Qian Qian hit the jackpot this time around She’s pretty much going to win by doing absolutely nothing! Seeing how happy she is right now, I can’t help but also want to hang out with Sister Xiang.]

[Hanging around Sister Xiang will definitely be quite interesting.

Does anyone know what other live broadcasts she will participate in I want to watch them so badly! She’s performed so well in the ones she was in so far.

She seems to be even more capable than the other hosts.]

[Sister Xiang has recently appeared in “Are Celebrities Capable Or Not” It’s the most recent live broadcast hosted by Dong Bohao.

Everyone should go check it out! It was such a great watch!]

[Seeing how Chu Xiang has no problem stealing the cards from a senior of hers, she doesn’t seem to respect them whatsoever.

How fitting of her arrogant and cocky style!]

[Oh, just f*ck off, will you The director was the one who added that rule into the game.

Don’t you understand what this game is all about Didn’t you see how eager Brother Ox was to steal back his cards Let alone being conceited, I’m afraid that your brain probably isn’t able to process such information anyway.

If possible, please think carefully before spouting such nonsense.]

With the fans of all ten participants watching, in addition to the faithful viewers of the live broadcast, Chu Xiang’s haters were not able to find any opportunities to stir up trouble.

Despite their persistent attempts at doing so, they only found themselves fuming in irritation.

They never expected Chu Xiang to have such a large number of viewers willing to stand up for her as she had only just made her comeback recently.

Of course, some of these supporters had been hired by Uncle Dong.

Even so, due to her outstanding performances in the live broadcast, she had nevertheless gained the support of many viewers who just so happened to come across her appearance.

This was the main reason for her haters’ downfall.

At the same time, Chu Xiang did not fail to live up to the audience’s expectations as she managed to escape the maze with Xu Qian within fifteen minutes.

Upon reaching the end of the maze, they sounded the gong placed near the exit, which indicated their success.

Beyond elated, Xu Qian hugged Chu Xiang tightly and spun her around as she chuckled.

“It has already been more than a dozen live broadcasts since I won something! My dear disciple, you have certainly brightened my day!”

As soon as she was released from the hug, Chu Xiang gave Xu Qian a high-five and laughed.

“There’s nothing in this world that we, master and disciple, aren’t able to achieve together!”

Since a group had already escaped from the maze, the director shot a flare up into the sky for the other four groups in the maze to see.

Originally, the groups ignorant of the interaction between Chu Xiang and Iron Ox’s group thought that Iron Ox’s group was the first to get their hands on five cards and make their way out.

But in reality, Iron Ox was currently wiping his face as he heaved a heavy sigh.

“Let’s go and steal from the other groups.

We need to be the next one to get out and form a solid alliance with Xu Qian’s group.

It would be pretty embarrassing for us if we ended up in last place.”

On the other hand, Zhu Yujia, who was on the lookout for Chu Xiang, just so happened to arrive at the exact scene and ended up getting her cards stolen by Iron Ox.

With that, the two cards that Qin Bao worked so hard to obtain were now in his hands.

Still hungry for more, Iron Ox dashed around and stole two other cards from another group.

Having met the requirements to leave the maze, he ran left and right around the maze with his guest before being the second group to complete the mission.

Having achieved first place in the first mission of the live broadcast, Chu Xiang obtained the right to remain in the show until the end.

The team in second place would have to leave after the third quarter of the show, the third after the half, and the fourth after the first quarter while the last should have already been disqualified.

The second mission had to do with weight lifting.

As long as one’s group managed to lift ten of the barbells weighing up to a hundred kilograms onto the shelf, they would be able to move on to the next mission.

Upon hearing about the second mission, Chu Xiang and Xu Qian stood dumbstruck on the spot.

After all, this mission would definitely be disadvantageous for the two of them.

Had the task only included one or two of the said weights, they might have been able to complete it.

However, how could they possibly lift ten of them unless they didn’t care about possibly injuring themselves

Chu Xiang squatted down in an attempt to lift one of the barbells but soon gave up on that idea.

“Master, I have depleted my strength on the previous mission.

I finally understand why you were so strict on me during those years as my instructor.

Life is certainly never easy.

Even so, does recording a show really need to be this difficult” she said jokingly.

Xu Qian let out a soft giggle as she moved next to Chu Xiang.

“Let’s just wait for our bodyguard.

After all, didn’t we form an alliance with Iron Ox’s group I bet he wanted to steal from us as soon as he untangled himself from the vines just now.

However, since the two of us managed to escape first, he will definitely follow through with his words.”

“We also just so happen to need some rest anyway, so let’s just wait for Iron Ox to help us with this mission,” Chu Xiang said as she laid down on the meadow while using her arm as a pillow.

Exhausted, she learned that being a celebrity was more tiring than she initially imagined it to be.

Even so, she enjoyed every single moment of seeing her efforts gradually bear fruit.

As soon as Iron Ox and his partner walked out from the maze, they noticed that the barbells for Xu Qian’s group were still left untouched.


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