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Having cultivated her body with spiritual energy for the past several days, Chu Xiang’s five senses had since improved dramatically.

The instant she noticed that someone was going to attack her, she would immediately react.

Taking the live broadcast into account and being unsure about rules regarding counterattacks, she decided to concentrate the majority of her spiritual energy throughout her lower body and escape without fighting back whatsoever.

Consequently, when Zhu Yujia attempted to trip Chu Xiang, she instead fell onto the ground and shrieked in agony as she clutched firmly onto her own leg.

Upon hearing her scream, everyone immediately ran over to check up on her.

Chu Xiang squatted down.

“Are you alright I have been working out quite often lately, my muscles might have gotten sturdier as well.

Did you hurt yourself by accidentally kicking me”

[She got hurt from accidentally kicking someone Hahaha!]

[Huh Can someone tell me what happened I did not see it!]

[The two of them must have run too close to each other.

But could it really be that painful Why do I feel that Chu Xiang was the one who was supposed to feel more pain]

The people at the scene had nearly burst into laughter.

After pinching Zhu Yujia’s ankle, Chu Xiang smiled.

“It shouldn’t be anything serious.

Perhaps it’s just a minor sprain.

Why don’t you take a short rest Just let Qin Bao do the tasks by himself.”

Not doing the tasks, however, would mean that she would not receive any screen time on the live broadcast.

How could Zhu Yujia be willing to step aside now Since the scheme she performed just now should have been disguised as a mere accident, she wouldn’t have to worry much about it.

After all, one or two people were bound to trip themselves up at some point.

If she were to quit now, she would also not be able to get more information about Chu Xiang.

As such, she stood up with the support of Qin Bao and said as she held her ankle firmly, “I feel much better now.

It’s only a minor sprain.

Sister Chu, I’m so sorry about that.

Did you get hurt”

Chu Xiang waved her hand, smiling.

“I’m fine.

I’m actually quite tough.

Anyway, let’s go.”

“Alright! Good luck, everyone!” Zhu Yujia said despite her inner turmoil.

After all, didn’t Chu Xiang’s words appear to be hinting at her delicate nature

It seemed that she suffered a double loss after trying to pull off her scheme.

As the audience caught the hint in Chu Xiang’s words, Zhu Yujia’s die-hard fans burst with rage.

[What does Chu Xiang mean by those words Could she be implying something]

[Chu Xiang really is a scheming woman! Her words contained a hidden meaning, clearly targeted toward Jia Jia!]

[Aren’t you too quick to judge her words as a personal attack Surely, bumping into someone for a moment shouldn’t hurt so much, right]

[Am I the only one who noticed Chu Xiang’s skin It looks so fair and smooth.]

[Does the camera have some sort of filter Her skin clearly wasn’t as beautiful during her previous live broadcast.]

[What kind of filter is it I want it~]

[Same here! 1]

Soon enough, the conversation had suddenly strayed away into another topic.

Since Zhu Yujia was merely a third-rate celebrity, she naturally did not have many fans in the first place.

Even the ones who wanted to make a fuss about the situation were quickly overwhelmed by the other viewers.

They could only hold back their anger and continue watching in frustration.

Due to the unexpected commotion, the filming crew decided to restart the entire event.

Everyone dashed back into the maze after the whistle.

The entire path was created by taking advantage of the thickness and density of the tree trunks.

Since the walls of the maze were about three meters tall, it was impossible for anyone to climb up and look over the maze.

Furthermore, the pathways were surprisingly spacious, similar to that of a small forest.

In fact, the maze was designed to look like an actual forest, for it even had a water source and a few small animals here and there.

To say the least, the entire place was extremely well-made.

One of the hosts, Liang Zhen, noticed a mushroom nearby and carefully walked over to analyze it.

“Is this mushroom poisonous I wonder if we can pluck it out and use it to make mushroom soup later Do you remember what the director said just now”

His partner replied anxiously, “The director mentioned that the mushrooms are  from someone’s private property.

Even then, you still want to eat it Who knows whether it’s poisonous or not Let’s just go! Otherwise, we might really not achieve first place!”

“What’s the rush Qin Bao will be in charge of the rear anyways.

We should definitely bring along some ingredients with us to have a group meal with the others over a campfire.

There’s no need to rush.”

The group, composed of contrasting personalities, was quite amusing for many of the audience.

Since Liang Zhen would always take his sweet time performing the tasks, the people spectating him would always be worried about him.

However, luck seemed to always be on his side.

He would either somehow make his way back into the game or accidentally get his hands on the objectives of the assigned tasks.

It was interesting to speculate which place he’d get this time.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang and Xu Qian took the opportunity to speed past them together.

As the team that consisted of a master and disciple, they were seen as the underdog when it came to stealing objectives later on in the game.


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