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Two other celebrity trainees who just arrived back at the company apartment witnessed this awkward scene by accident and were thoroughly intrigued.

As they just so happened to live right next door, they deliberately acted as if they could not find their keys.

Although they were facing away from the commotion, their ears were, on the other hand, fully attentive.

Leaning against the wall by the side, Chu Xiang chuckled as she looked at the cheque.

“Five million yuan”

Lifting out her phone from the pockets of her bathrobe, Chu Xiang dialed Lin Jiawei’s number and grinned.

“President Lin, how generous of you~ I’m guessing that your mistress wasn’t exactly happy to see today’s news Otherwise, why else would a cheapskate like you give five million yuan to shut my mouth up Oops, my bad.

I forgot that the mistress isn’t exactly a mistress anymore.

She has already risen up to the position of President Lin’s fiancée.”

Lin Jiawei’s voice was cold.

“Chu Xiang, what are you trying to do”

“What am I trying to do… Let me see.

I simply want to smoothly come out of retirement and become a famous celebrity.

Unfortunately, President Lin appears to be preventing me from doing so.

Since you were trying to sabotage me, I was simply returning the favor to you and everyone around you.

Besides, I never lied.

You and your family deserved to be scolded in such a manner.” Chu Xiang leisurely took a gulp of water.

Noticing the two celebrity trainees eavesdropping on their conversation from the side, she could not help but let out a small chuckle.

Lin Jiawei took a deep breath and said plainly, “Just accept the money.

You should know what to do.”

Chu Xiang shifted her glance towards the cheque on Assistant Lee’s hand and splashed the remaining water in his glass towards it.

At that moment, Assistant Lee instinctively jumped backwards and threw away the drenched piece of cheque.

The two celebrity trainees at the side gasped in shock as they turned around and gawked dumbfoundedly at the unexpected action.

“What a pity~ It seems that the cheque is now deemed unusable.

Assistant Lee, don’t forget to throw away the piece of trash that you brought along with you.

Our residence here emphasizes cleanliness.”

Immediately after, Chu Xiang spoke into the phone, “President Lin, I can’t bear to receive such dirty money, especially from the likes of you.

Why don’t you use it to show your filial love to the Evil Witch instead You better keep in mind that I’m someone who holds deep grudges against the people who wronged me in the past.

Since you dared to sabotage my livelihood, don’t expect your business to flow smoothly as it usually does.


As soon as she hung up the call, Chu Xiang blocked Lin Jiawei on every single communication platform.

At the same time, she sighed and lamented, “It’s such a pity that I currently don’t have five million yuan in my hands.

Otherwise, I would have had Assistant Lin bring it back to Lin Jiawei so that he can shut his mouth.

To think that I used to be married with such a despicable bastard.

He’s probably the filthiest stain that tarnished my entire life.

Don’t you guys think so too Oh, it’s already getting so late.

Goodnight, everyone~”

Chu Xiang shot her smile towards the three people around and casually closed the door.

The two celebrity trainees standing next door finally took out their keys and opened the door to their room.

Only after smiling awkwardly at Assistant Lee did they hurriedly rush back into their room.

As the only person lifted in the corridor, Assistant Lee gazed down towards the drenched cheque on the floor before shredding it into pieces and putting it into his pocket.

Walking down the stairs of the apartment, he called Lin Jiawei and said softly, “President Lin, I’m sorry.

It was my fault for not doing my job properly.”

“What did she do”

“Miss Chu splashed her glass of water on the cheque in my hands and even said…”

“Said what”


She said that you were the filthiest stain that tarnished her life.

And that it was a pity that she didn’t have enough money; otherwise, she would have given you a cheque of five million yuan to shut you up instead.” Assistant Lee repeated Chu Xiang’s words before immediately going silent.

Lin Jiawei immediately hung up the call as his expression turned ashen.

Despite fuming with rising anger from Chu Xiang’s actions, a mere kitten with its tiny paws could only do so much damage to him.

He truly wanted to see what else she was capable of doing.

Scrolling back down the negative comments about him and his family on the internet, he realized that some of them were still lingering around here and there.

Zhou Ye seemed to be doing his job pretty well and was certainly not inferior to Lin Jiawei in terms of power.

However, Lin Jiawei had ordered Assistant Lee to keep a close eye on Chu Xiang and to sabotage her whenever he found the opportunity to do so.

After all, Zhou Ye could not possibly protect Chu Xiang 24/7.

She would eventually have to come out of her rabbit hole.

What he failed to realize was that Chu Xiang had changed completely as a person since the last time they met in person.

Having yet to meet this new side to Chu Xiang, Lin Jiawei still thought that she was the same girl that was high over heels in love with him.

He believed that her recent actions had been ways of venting her anger and frustration against him.

She was probably overestimating her own abilities.

After all, she would be nothing without Zhou Ye supporting her from behind the scenes.


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