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When Chu Xiang finally came out from the gaming room, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.

Auntie Li served her lunch when she was taking a break from the game and informed her about the small farce that happened between the servants and Ye Chen earlier today.

Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing came home early to give Chu Xiang the tiramisu they promised her.

When they saw that she was having fun at home by herself, they left her room as not to disturb her.

Chu Xiang took a few bites of the tiramisu when she was taking a brief break after failing to defeat the game’s boss.

She found the tiramisu to be delicious.

When she recalled how Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing had come back home early to accompany her, she turned off her game console and ran downstairs to look for them.

“Dad and mom, what will we be having for dinner Can you make me a plate of sweet and sour pork ribs”

The couple who were reading newspapers on the sofa looked up when they heard Chu Xiang’s cheerful voice.

Fang Qing smiled and replied, “Okay.

I’ll ask Auntie Li to make it for you since her cooking skill is the best.

You have to eat more during dinner to nourish your body back to health.”

“Okay.” Chu Xiang sat between her parents on the sofa and looked at their newspapers.

They were reading about businesses, stocks, and other business-related news, but she didn’t understand them at all.

She couldn’t help her curiosity, so she asked, “Dad and mom, is it difficult to manage the company”

Chu Dongqi took off his anti-fatigue glasses and chuckled happily, “Is Xiang Xiang interested in the company It’s not difficult to manage the company.

Your mother and I have been managing the company well.

You only need to learn some basic business concepts, so it’s not hard.

If you want, you can work at the company as my assistant.

I will teach you everything.”

Fang Qing hurriedly interjected her husband and said, “If she wants to work in the company, then she should be my assistant.

We’re both women, so it’s easier for us to communicate and understand each other.

Xiang Xiang, come to the company and share an office with me.

When you’re tired, you can rest in the lounge and it’s fine if you play games there too.

If you want to learn about managing a company, you can follow and learn from me.

What do you think”

Chu Xiang looked at them and was quite amused by their response.

“Aren’t you afraid of spoiling me until I become rotten Those wealthy playboys turned out that way because they were overly spoiled by their parents.”

Chu Dongqi waved his hand and said, “How does this count as spoiling you We’ve taught you how to be sensible and reasonable, so you are not spoiled.

It’s people from the Ye Family that should be called ‘overly spoiled’.

The Ye couple only cared about themselves and didn’t teach their children any manners or principles!”

Fang Qing gave him a meaningful glance and glared at him, “Why are you mentioning him”

Both of them turned to check out Chu Xiang’s expression because they were still worried about her.

However, Chu Xiang was smiling at them and even cracked a joke, “Dad, didn’t you tell us that Ye Chen was a budding young talent before”

“That’s because I was blind! Who would’ve known that he’s actually a scum” When Chu Dongqi saw how unaffected she was by the topic, he relaxed and said with a grin, “I have already called Ye Zhenhong to annul your engagement.

This engagement must be terminated at all costs.

That stinky boy doesn’t deserve you.

Let’s just let the stinky fish (Ye Chen) marry the rotten shrimp (Bai Xuewei).

Chu Xiang burst out laughing and fell onto Fang Qing’s lap, “Dad, you’re really amusing! Stinky fish and rotten shrimp, hahaha!”

Fang Qing affection touched Chu Xiang’s hair and smiled gently, “Those who can’t differentiate between what’s good and bad are considered to be stinky fishes and rotten shrimps.

Your father is right.

We’re the ones who agreed to the engagement.

We thought that the two of you would make a loving couple because you’ve grown up together and known each other for over ten years.

Even though Ye Chen’s parents disliked each other, Ye Chen still respects and treats us very well.

He was also very caring towards you.

He was a good kid when he was younger, and he was also very smart.

Who would’ve known that he would’ve turned into a cheating scum when he grew up No matter what, he shouldn’t have cheated on you with Bai Xuewei.

I can’t believe he blamed you for the cause of his infidelity.

It was me and your father who had harmed you.

We will make sure that the engagement will be annulled.

You mustn’t ever feel sad because of them in the future.”

Chu Xiang reached out her arms and wrapped them around Fang Qing’s waist and acted coquettishly, “Mom, I told you that I don’t care about them anymore.

Why don’t you believe my words”

“Yes, of course, I believe you.

Sister Wang told me that Ye Chen came knocking at our door today, but you didn’t even show up to greet him.”

“He came here today” Chu Xiang was surprised by this sudden information.

Then, she suddenly recalled that Auntie Li had briefly mentioned that Ye Chen had come here when she was delivering lunch for her.

At that time, she was busy fighting against the boss in the game, so she didn’t pay much attention to what Auntie Li had said.

Chu Xiang smiled and said, “So what if he came He’s not an important guest, so there is no need to invite him in.

Okay, let’s stop talking about him.

Let’s talk about working in the company as an assistant.

I want to be an assistant for mom.

When we have time, we can even go to a spa or go shopping together! Is that okay”

“Of course, that sounds great,” Fang Qing laughed cheerfully.

It had been a long time since she and her daughter had a heart to heart.

It seemed like the situation with Ye Chen was a blessing in disguise.


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