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“Let’s sleep together in my bed together, okay”

As she gently gestured to him to lead him to the bed enchantedly, Dimitri moved his legs as if possessed.

Rowaine’s bed smelled of her.

It was a dreamy feeling.

Before he knew it, he was lying next to Rowaine, who was lying on the duvet, and he curled up.

At the same time, her hand gently stroked his fur as a very sweet scent that calmed his nerves intertwined in the air.

Not to mention the fluffy pillows.

Even though he had come here to soothe Rowaine, who was trembling with fear, on the contrary, he felt that it was his own heart instead that was being soothed.


Oh, yes.

This was happiness.

Rubbing his face against Rowaine’s hair, he clasped her wrists tightly like he would never let her go.




゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



‘I feel better now.’

The round head that touched the back of my hand, the tickling feeling of the whiskers, and the round, soft front paws that hugged my wrist were so overwhelmingly cute — All my nerves turned to Blue, and I no longer cared about the storm outside.

I laid down on my arm pillow and tickled Blue’s chin with my finger.

Then, I suddenly realized that a lot of the chest part of my pajamas had been exposed, so I glanced at Blue in surprise.

‘No matter how much I care about cats.’

I sneakily grabbed my clothes and gazed into Blue’s eyes for no reason.

Blue, who was holding my wrist, raised his head in wonder.

“By the way, you, Blue.”

As I whispered, he tilted his head as if he understood what I was saying.

“I don’t think so, but…”


“Cats have similar fur colors or similar looks depending on the species, so it might be a silly thought.



“You look alike…”

I stroked the soft blue-gray fur as I paused my words before peering intently into the emerald-colored eyes.

“With Dimitri.”


It was even worse when those words came out of my mouth.

Come to think of it, you can see that when Coco and Sasha were in a human form, some of the characteristics from when they were in a cat form were similar, like hair color or eye color.

In that sense, the blue-gray hair that sparkled blue when exposed to light and the green jewel-like eyes closely resemble Dimitri’s.

‘I don’t think that’s possible.’

Blue came to me first when Dimitri was cold.

In addition, unlike the elegant and sharp Dimitri, Blue was mischievous and laid-back.

Still, what if all of that was just me mistaken because of his cute looks

At the thought, I narrowed my eyes and uttered with a little nervous mind.


Blue stared at me without blinking an eye.

“Dimitri, stop.

Reveal yourself.”


“I’ve noticed everything.

I won’t say anything, so let’s be honest.”



At that moment, Blue jumped up to his feet.

I swallowed my dry saliva and imagined Blue turning into Dimitri.



As I got up halfway, Blue cried in a very lovely voice and rubbed his head.


It was a pretty voice full of cuteness as if he were a kitten.

Then, groaning as if in a very good mood, he sat down and started kneading on the pillow I was sleeping on.

‘Blue is kneading!’

As Blue was always reliable and dignified, I often forgot that a cat is still a cat.

It was an act of childishness whenever cats wanted to meow or whenever they were in a good mood.

I laughed awkwardly at myself for questioning the cat to reveal its identity.

“What was I thinking To think that Dimitri would have turned into a cat and come to my bedroom like this.”

It was absolutely ridiculous.

Why would he do that

Besides, Dimitri never showed his cat form to anyone.

Nevertheless, did Blue not appear in front of me very often

“Dimitri would be stern even in the form of a cat.

Our Blue looks like such a cute baby.

Right, Blue Oh, my… So cute! Blue is pretty, too! That’s right, there you go.”



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



‘Damn it!’

Dimitri grabbed his pounding heart and took a deep breath, turning his back from Rowaine.

‘…I can’t believe I’m going through such a disgrace.’

He would rather bite his tongue.

Embarrassed by Rowaine suddenly calling his name, Dimitri did something he would not do the most to avoid the situation.

‘Even when I was young, I didn’t cry out loud with such a voice like this.’

He was so ashamed that he wanted to die.

Although it avoided Rowaine’s suspicions, he was so embarrassed that he wondered if he had to do this to avoid being caught.

As he struggled inwardly, he could hear Rowaine’s peaceful breathing behind his back.

Dimitri lifted his head slightly and gazed at the sleeping Rowaine.

He could not take his gaze away from her.

As if possessed, he turned his body and sat down towards her.

A serene face.

…Why Why does his chest feel so tight

‘Is it because of the good scent’

With a small sigh, he rolled up next to Rowaine and laid down.

As he watched her, his mind calmed and he felt warm.

‘As long as I didn’t get caught…’


That was all.

Rowaine’s bed was very comfortable and pleasant, as if floating on the clouds.



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



I took a small breath as I watched Blue’s stomach go up and down before falling asleep.


From some point on, I have been hugging Blue without me even realizing it.


Blue gently held me in my arms as it made a grumbling sound.

It was so cute and adorable that I grabbed its little head and gave a kiss on its nose so that I could hear it make the sound again from its small mouth.

Then, I opened my eyes.


All of a sudden, I was in Dimitri’s wide arms instead.


Calling me in a low, heart-rending voice, he gazed at me mellowly.

Even though I tried to get out of his arms, it was so warm and cozy.

In addition, before I could even try to escape, he grabbed my waist before pulling me closer and closer to him, as if our bodies were attached to a magnet.

‘You smell good, Rowaine.’

As he moved his nose to my neck and smelled it, the tip of Dimitri’s nose and lips brushed against my skin lightly.

‘You smell like I want to just consume… What kind of scent is this’

An alluring voice.

I swallowed my saliva in a hot breath.


“Yelp, anng!”


Somewhere, I woke up to a scream.

It was dawn before I knew it.

‘…It was a dream.’

It was a really strange dream.

When I glanced around, I could see Blue sitting by the window.

“Blue Why are you there”

Then, the scream I thought I had heard in my dream erupted again.


“What’s that sound”

As I approached the place where Blue was sitting, opened the curtains and looked out, my eyes widened.

While the Emperor’s hounds were tied to a tree in the garden, the servants that Herman had brought were aimed at the hounds with slingshots.

Each time they hit the hounds with their slingshots from afar, they giggled as they wrote down the numbers on the dirt floor to see if they were scoring according to the part they hit.

“Such craziness…!”

Astonished, I put on my shawl and ran outside as soon as I could.

The scene I saw as soon as I opened my eyes was such an unbelievable sight.

My body reacted first to the thought that I had to stop them right away without time to even think about it.

“Can’t you quit right now”

As I sprinted out the front door and shouted, the servants of Herman who heard my voice glanced at me.

“What are you doing”

“Ah, Duchess.”

“We were just having fun.

We apologize if it was too loud.”

Although they said that, there was no sign of guilt on their faces in the slightest as they scratched their heads and apologized calmly.

I was at a loss for words when I saw the countless stones that fell around the hounds.

‘…Having fun They’re animals that cannot speak… no, they’re shapeshifters who can speak.’

Even though it was already terrible to torment animals, I was amazed at how they casually abused beings with similar intelligence.

Was it not instinctively a little more reluctant to bully people who speak the same language as them and have a similar thinking level

“Release them now.”

At my command, the servants widened their eyes.

“That would be dangerous.”

“Trust me, and let them go.

I will take them with me.”

“Still, we have to leave soon…”

“Is departing now the problem They’re bleeding! We need to treat them!”

I lost my temper and shouted.

Then, the servants glanced behind me.

I followed their gaze and turned around.

Herman was looking at this from the third-floor window.

Only then did I realize… if these servants were not crazy, they would not have been making a fuss in the garden since the early morning when even the servants of this mansion had not yet woken up.

I stood by the window and stared at Herman, who was glancing at me with interest.

‘He tested me…’


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